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  2. Post Your Setup!

    VX2100 + MK2
  3. Cheers for this - I know there are guides still from the old SP site on the Wayback archive and all, but this clears it up a lot and is easier to look at!
  4. Thanks I’m glad you thought it was great! Honestly just like making these little vids, also yes it was for a social media channel I’ve been working on. @Steak
  5. Night life

    Thanks! These were shot with a Canon AE-1 with the speedlite flash.
  6. That was great! Was this supposed to be a channel trailer to get people to follow your social media or something? Not exactly sure what the commercial was advertising.
  7. Hey guys, this website is in need of some organization so I'm going to make a guide for titling posts properly so everyone knows what they are clicking on. The format will be "Topic title - Video type". Below is a guid to follow so you know what category your video palls under. -Promo (A promotional video or trailer for a full skate video or part that is in the works) -Teaser (Same as above but a smaller, more suspenseful version) -Full Part (A single piece of a larger skate video project) -Montage (A compilation of skateboarding footage from various people) -Demo Montage (A montage of a demo you attended and filmed) -Demo Reel (A video highlighting your strengths as a filmmaker compiled into a montage usually used to show potential employers. Does not need to be skateboarding) -Non-Skate Related (A video that has no relation to skateboarding at all. Ex. A commercial you made for a corporate event. A travel vlog. A short film you made for a film festival. Etc.) -Animation (An animation you have made as a part of larger project) Everyone please follow these guides and lets keep this place organized. I will be editing topics to the correct format if it hasn't been done correctly already. Thanks
  8. Culture Pattern - Promo

    Beyond stoked to see that the skate scene is still going strong in Florida. I was scared for a while because everyone I knew and grew up skating with has moved away including myself but now i see there is a whole new generation of kids going for it! Super sick. As for a critique, this is more of a personal preference, so take it or leave it. I reeeeally dislike when i see videos edited onto a 60fps timeline. Playback at 60fps just looks awful to me. The point of having 60fps is for smoother slow motion. If you edit on a 60fps timeline, you basically throw that out the window. 24fps isnt a good frame rate for skating either IMO. Personally, I film in 60fps then edit in 30fps leaving myself with 30 extra frames for smooth slow motion (half speed or 50% slower). Also, blending the Super8 which i can assume is filmed at 18fps with 60fps HD footage looks jarring to me... Otherwise, the actual edit had a good video, filming was good, titles had a nice look and skating was sick! Great job.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Not taking that bet! Also got this (car related), it's a blast when I have the time to do it, still just messing with the console games...right now it's Gran Turismo Sport...hit me up y'all PSN: tenpoundclam edit: thanks for the name fix
  11. Smartphone filming

    Sup y'all, Since we exist in 2018, the year of the future, I was wondering if there's more people using their little smart gadgets to film/photograph skateboarding, as almost everyone is walking around with a 720p HD camera in his pocket. Here's two clips i filmed with my iPhone 7 (+ 3$ ebay fisheye): https://vimeo.com/256632279 https://vimeo.com/256632490 (password: skate) (Because I've never been a fan of HD filming, I sometimes use different apps to get the old look.)
  12. Nice! $10 says the 911 gives you less problems than the Cooper.
  13. Talked myself off a cliff (e63 wagon), and went with a much more sensible cash purchase...happy I did! I would not have had nearly as much fun with a car the bank owned: (still got the little red qt in the back...not sure why, might teach the wife to drive stick on it and then send it off a cliff) edit: trying to change my username back to Stefan C. not sure if I can
  14. My 98 Tacoma is now 20 and going strong at 281k. Considering replacing with a newer one or 4runner.
  15. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    Kerry definitely hit the nail on the head with this one
  16. Teaser for a new full length I've been working on over the last year. Stay tuned for release details!
  17. Night life

    all of em dope. which cam is this?
  18. What the hell have you been up to?

    haha no, that died a long time ago. The interest never really picked up. PS: It's okay to sell out, eventually we all do.
  19. Night life

    first one is too good
  20. Congrats on the incoming kid, Steve. I got married and moved to FL for sellout reasons. I still get back to CO quite a bit for family and friends. I don't suppose snowperception is revivable? Flying Tomato season and all...
  21. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    Well, there's always that approach! If you don't get the desired result....hit it harder. The video runs through pretty much every board in the cam except a few. Thee CC/MG boards are often near the top of the list,
  22. good job! Now if someone is tripping thinking they will forget how to set colors, print off that photo and put it in your bag. Simple
  23. If you guys like clips from the good ol days.. instagram - @thedailycapture_
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