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  2. VX1000 color/shadow problem

    nice toronto spots, though.
  3. HD setups with footages

    The fisheye in this was filmed in 4:3 anamorphic on GH5 (with Canon 8-15) as well: Fisheye filmed at 4K anamorphic with the lens at 8mm with a Viltrox EF M2 and then cropped down into a 1440 x 1080 timeline. The zooming long lens was AC90 at 1080p60.
  4. HD setups with footages

    You can get a Panasonic GH5 for great HD quality. It has a killer feature - 4:3 anamorphic mode. This allows you to go crazy wide in 4:3 when needed:
  5. Which DSLR fisheye setup?

    Any M4/3 camera with a 0.71x speedbooster (you can get a chinese one for cheap) + manybrand 8mm. Gets you wider than Canon APS-C, almost to the point where you can see the vig. If you like vignette you can also find 0.64x Speedbooster but it comes at a high price. I used Panasonic G7 + Mitakon Lens Turbo II + Samyang 8mm in below video. Right now I upgraded my focal reducer to Viltrox EF-M2 which is slightly wider (0.71x vs 0.72x). Another cool setup might be M4/3 + focal reducer + Peleng 8mm - it isn't the best quality glass due to flaring but it's so damn wide. I think with DSLR/mirrorless cameras you can get good quality and wideness with a lot of different setups. A few years back it was pretty much only HVX/HPC/HMC+Xtreme.
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  7. Which DSLR fisheye setup?

    The Canon 8-15 is (in my opinion) the only fisheye that can compare to the Xtreme. Actually, there's a Nikon 8-15 as well which I'm sure is comparable, but I know absolutely nothing about Nikon bodies. If you get a Canon full frame body, you'll have basically full circle vignetting at 8mm and you can zoom all the way in to no vig at 15mm. With an APS-C sensor (1.6x crop) you'll have a lot of vig (HPX/MK2-ish but softer) at 8mm. There are SO many options once you decide what size sensor you want, but price is usually a determining factor. If you want full frame I'd look at 5D MK2 (older camera, 30fps max, probably around $500 used) or 6D (a bit newer, shoots 720p60, $600ish used, $1000ish new). If you want APS-C there are TONS of cheap new/used options that shoot 720p60.
  8. Selling my BMPCC. I upgraded Will let go to an SP user for less! https://www.ebay.com/itm/263630951334?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  9. Which DSLR fisheye setup?

    Hi yall, long time no post. i have been filming with an hpx170 and the new century mk2 bayo for the better part of a year now. Having said that, im not a fan and i cant find an xtreme fisheye in good condition. I am looking for a fisheye setup that is comparable to the xtreme. I have seen some with the canon 8-15 that loom pretty comparable, but not sure if they have full frame or not, canon, panasonic or nikon, etc. consider budget to be $2000 for fisheye and cam. Ill need a mic, screen, and handle too so hopefully if possible $2k for all but ill be realistic. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  10. VX1000 color/shadow problem

    That is usually solder fractures in the video circuit. Almost ever VX that comes in these days has fractures. Just an age thing. Heating and cooling on the boards over all these years causes the solder to become brittle. I rework the area and they're good to go.
  11. It's now the 'me generation' where people can directly post their shit to instagram for instant likes and gratification. That doesn't really help.
  12. Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    flash is entirely too hot. timing is too early. flash doesn't have enough spread/is too close to the subject.
  13. Heelflip

    entirely too much space. shadow on the face isn't chill. looks like a fakie flip.
  14. Backside 5050 rail

    no headphones. he's not muska. underside of the rail is too hot.
  15. VX1000 color/shadow problem

    looks like you need to smack that bitch on the side.
  16. Can anyone tell me what the problem is with this with this vx? the colours and shadows look very strange. The first clip in the video shows the problem best. Any help would be very appreciated!
  17. WTT VX1000 4 HVX/HPX

    Title says it all. Trade MINT vx1000 for a hpx or a hvx I got a really minty vx1000 that I have not even touched since it was fixed. Friend over at the shop gave her a really nice tune up. Tons of new parts and now it has been collecting dust. I am really trying to get an HPX for a trade, but if I can't i will settle on a hvx. I can provide photos and a list of parts if someone is actually interested. Let me know. Thanks
  18. Random Photo Discussion

    Thought I'd drop in to share some news with sp. I'm graduating from college, and for my year long thesis made a photo book! Check it out and you pick up a copy HERE. The project comments on effects caused by smartphones and social media.
  19. $10 shipped to Canada and the US! http://overtimevideo.bigcartel.com/ I've posted these before, but here are a couple teasers:
  20. HPX250 not powering up

    Probably should have added that I'll be glad to go through it and determine exactly whats going on. I could be way off the mark. At least you'd know for sure.
  21. HPX250 not powering up

    A lot of digging and also spoke to a Panasonic Engineer. No bulletins for any problems like that. He felt as I do that it was an induced failure and the only fix would be a main board replacement. I priced on out on a 170 recently and it was not an option. $800 or $900 as I recall. Just for the board...then software adjustments. I can get you specific pricing but it's not looking good. Sorry man
  22. Backside 5050 rail

    Damn this came out awesome! Composition and those light smears are super on point, plus the headphones and bent rail definitely give the skater and spot some character.
  23. Selling a vx1000 with mk1 setup. Feeling it out for now but if someone makes a good offer would sell right away. Only thing I must say is the vx1 does seem to have a loose ribbon cable, every now and then it will get all fuzzy or colors will get funky. But all other functions properly and a slight tap can always set it back to normal. if you need pics or have questions text me: 786-812-4414
  24. Backside 5050 rail

    It's been months since I last shot a photo, only had two tries too. Feedback would be appreciated!
  25. Pupecki grind

    Colours are a bit warm. I wonder if you could have shot a wider angle and done stuff with the things around the frame, perhaps that wouldnt have worked. Maybe more space at the bottom would be nice.
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