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  2. pedromayn

    Capturing VHS tapes

    I'm trying to find a good bit of kit for capturing VHS tapes - anyone use any particular software and hardware? I just want to upload some skate vids that aren't online and capture my 8mm stuff I have left to put on my PC. I did have a program and a capture device for my 8mm tapes, but I think the software plays up on Win10 + I don't actually know where the original CD is to install it... Cheers
  3. pedromayn

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    Why don't you just buy another VX1?
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  5. Plums

    Chevy Bash

    Classsssssic! Very true color balance, it's like I was there.
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  8. Whatup SP, I have Ogio Ty2 now, which is great for my HD setup, 2 Panasonic Camcorders. I've had it now for 6 seasons and it's starting to wear out. Wondering if anyone had another Ty Ogio 2 or a suggestion for a film backpack that would hold two hd camcorders? I've been checking Ebay, but haven't seen a Ty2 for a while. Any advice is appreciated. Regards- Leif
  9. VXSups

    i miss erik

    erik who? can you change your avatar? it seems blasphemous.
  10. VXSups


    wow so goob is basically hot, can grow a beard and presumably made love to the one in leopard print staring at the camera. leopard print is hot. kilo posts phothsopped pictures and has never had sex before. lol i think we know who won here.
  11. ParkerWGB

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    I don't believe this will work..
  12. Kinder!

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    can i use USB to thunderbolt to firewire? my laptop does not have a thunderbolt port
  13. It's a fact of life. And I'm not a wook. I'm too unique to be categorized like that.
  14. The more you double down the more it's going to hurt when it finally hits you.
  15. tbh idk what's more embarrassing. you lying about writing this, or you actually writing this
  16. Goob


    You know these pics are like 8 years old, right? And I can put on muscle if I feel like it. In fact I actually just recently started working out with a personal trainer and eating 100% healthy. You on the other hand can't change the fact that you're an ugly, autistic freak.
  17. I really did though, so suck a dick, faggot. Dude even told me he'd like me to continue writing for the website. I posted it on Reddit like a year ago anonymously. You're just a hatin' ass bitch who's never gonna be shit in life.
  18. Boondoggle was so inspiring growing up. Thank you
  19. SteveLaClair

    Boondoggle Throw Away Montage No. 11

    Such a damn good video. Was psyched to see you guys are doing a 10 year party for it. Hopefully there's plenty of raging in CJ's honor.
  20. Hey all, long time no post from me. It's probably been around 10 years since I've been active on skateperception, but I remember how formative and inspirational it was to me back in the 2000s! Sharing montages and entering clips into assignments kept me motivated. Anyways, for old time's sake, I wanna share this new Boondoggle Throw Away Montage I put together to celebrate the video turning 10 years old! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIpc7b_56wo
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