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  2. good job! Now if someone is tripping thinking they will forget how to set colors, print off that photo and put it in your bag. Simple
  3. If you guys like clips from the good ol days.. instagram - @thedailycapture_
  4. before you start trippin realize that 90% of the old japanese vx1000 threads are confusing as fuck, have broken links, expired photobucket pics and shit like that. i'm posting because japanese vx's are super cheap and i'm sure there are still lots of people who are just getting into it now. it can be a little intimidating at first and the full translation is scattered in a bunch of places so this will hopefully help. i tried to leave the japanese characters visible because it'll be easier if you just know what the symbol means. like on and off, you will see them a lot throughout the menus and stuff. also, this was just the first attempt at these pictures, so if i notice some room for improvements i'll do so. theres one here that i dont know. but i dont use the vtr mode at all anyways. and neither should you. the options in each menu are listed in this thread . maybe later i'll do all of those too this is only a translation. i'm not gonna give you lessons on how to use the camera cause that is well covered in many many many places like this pdf manual https://upload.cyfrowe.pl/cyfrowe/instrukcje/kamery/sony/instrukcja_sony_vx1000_eng.pdf if you have a jap vx and arent fuckin with it you can try hitting up kerry@videoelectronics.tv http://forums.skateperception.com/profile/4008-video-electronics/ and he will possibly convert it to english for you, for a fee shoutout to swackedflapjack, mkcolgan2, gaygaygalen, and flipsrowleykid
  5. Just dropped this transition part the other day, if you're into that sort of thing. It's my first transition project, but it was really fun to make. Cheers!
  6. Which board would most likely be the reason?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Welcome Back - Read This First

    I only started filming in the past year but had always heard of this forum (and used archive.org to look at anything that was catalogued) so even though I am new here, I want to say thank you so much for bringing it back. There's so much incredibly useful information on here and I am so stoked to have a community of filters to get help from!
  9. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    smack that thing hard!!
  10. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    It's not ribbons. It's solder fractures in the circuit. tapping can help make and break connections. A "field fix" when you just need a few more hours out of it. Once it progresses, the only fix is a work bench, hi magnification, and a very small soldering iron.
  11. Hey man tried smacking it nothing really happend. Should i try and reconnect them manually? And if so can you picture which cables are to reconnect?
  12. Chaos

    Got to view the clips, thank you. That's full on possession right there! Hahaha. Actually, I've seen it many times. Had one last week in fact. There's more than one thing that can cause or contribute but the one I just did needed a Main Board replaced and some software adjustments. The deck also got a tune up.
  13. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    You have fractures in the video circuit. It's very common. If you smack the right side of the cam it will likely snap back in...for a short while anyway. boards need to be pulled, fractures found, and resoldering done. I see it daily in here.
  14. Hi guys can anyone help me with this problem. So I replaced my ribbon cable and when i look into the view finder the colours aren't really fixed. But before i installed the new ribbon cable it was all black and you couldn't see anything except the exposure setings etc.So what could be the problem the view finder itself or is it something else? how it looks when you point it outsideand here is how it looks inside
  15. Post your username changes

    anyway you could message me the email its connected with it might be my old account i cant access anymore
  16. Night life

    Couple images from a recent zine.
  17. I got sober 3 years ago. I skate way more than I did for the last 6 years. Filmed a video part which I haven't done since I was 16. Built a darkroom at my house and shoot as much film as I can. I mean, I work in a restaurant, but I'm enjoying more of the stuff I was missing out on.
  18. Last week
  19. hella film cameras

    I have an embarrassing amount of 32mm point & shoot film cameras. theyre $20 each. more than one of each model. a couple are in brand new packaging will upload pics and test shots here later today Olympus zoom 2000 Olympus infinity 80 Olympus infinity zoom 80 Olympus stylus zoom 115 deluxe Olympus Stylus 150 Minolta freedom 35af Minolta freedom action zoom Samsung evoca 140s can include 24 exposure color film 200 & 400 for $5 per roll (usually kodak) can include 36 exposure ilford black & white 400 film for $15 per roll (sorry thats literally what i pay for it. shits awesome though) can include battery for extra $5 (theyre $15 at your local photo shop) shipping will be $5 in canada and $10 in continental usa. but i will ship to the rest of the world on your dime THESE PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS so americans will be getting a good deal thanks to your dollar being 1.26 canadian dollars Also, if youre a baller i have Olympus stylus epic DLX, also known as mju ii (yeah the good one) for $200 Olympus stylus, also known as mju i (the older good one) for $60 Contax G1 (body only) for $350 Contax G2 (body only) for $1000 Contax T2 (the fuckin classic) for $950 Yashica T4 for $500 and for you 35mm guys i have Olympus trip 35 Canon AE1 (with kit lens) All this shits only going up in price and i'll probably regret it one day. but i look forward to seeing the shots yall take with these <3 welcome back SP if you wanna trade (or if youre just selling these things) im looking for: a big camera backpack thatd fit 2 vx's and a dslr century mk1 vx1k waterproof housing (longshot i know) nintendo 64
  20. WTB 35mm

    Got too much 35 to know what to do with? Tired of seeing it sit in your fridge knowing that you'll never have time to shoot, dev, and print/scan all those rolls of stupid plastic? Let me put a few extra bucks in your pocket and take them off your hands. Looking for color or b/w.
  21. Random Photo Discussion

    pretty uninteresting imo. once you see one bab youve seen them all. new parents always think you want them to clog ur feed anytime lil jr breathes.
  22. Random Photo Discussion

    Wuddya think about baby photos? Y'all with kids, and y'all without
  23. @dkn lol you can fuckin @ people now thats dankooooo but ye, Ive got footy that I would donate to the cause. Actually most of the footage I have is technically unused because the only people that watch any of our edits are the people in the edits. so..
  24. Chaos

    Email incoming, thanks Kerry!
  25. Random Photo Discussion

    First roll i put through the t4 reset at the 12th exposure and the film wouldnt advance or rewind lol. Cut it out and seems fine with a new roll but i can’t imagine it was a good sign also does anyone remember a photo somebody posted on here of somebody in a tanning bed but like in somebody’s room? It was sick
  26. Don't Call It A Comeback

    Haven't been shooting much since SP went down a few years ago, but shot this yesterday. Alley-oop back 180 into the bank.
  27. SP Montage - Interested?

    I got some stuff laying about that can be of use I bet.
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