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  2. ParkerWGB

    Idk about y'all...

    goob off the rocker
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  4. nobody even knows what you mean by this... maybe give an example
  5. VXSups

    Fuck this place.

    Yeah i called this place home for a long long time. i still poke my head in to see if i get mentioned
  6. yeah I miss Thomas, I got to meet him in Boston when he came up to see his girlfriend who working at the same place as me that summer, I think he was an intern then and pretty soon after disappeared...
  7. Last week
  8. And hai has been kidnapped by Satanists.

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    I just wanna add this... I got to know Thomas Rolinger personally...we met up and filmed some shit, he stayed on my buddy's couch and filmed a part of me in 3 days for a video he made.... Shortly after he got a job working for the government. All social media disappeared and I've never heard from him since. I believe he may be working in Area 51.
  10. Hey guys, I've got a full length vx video which is set to premiere in August 2018 in Salt Lake City! Let me know what you think. Gonna likely have a couple more promos before the big day too. Cheers, Mac
  11. wow. This is such a good deal. Wish I wasn't fucking broke
  12. Selling my Panasonic hpx-170. Ive had it for about 5 years, and I don't use it much now so I'd rather sell it so someone else can get use out of it. Selling for $550.00 plus shipping. No trades Here's what you get: Panasonic hpx170 camera 4 batteries (1 Panasonic, 3 off brand that last as long as the Panasonic one) 2 chargers 2 16gb p2 cards The good: Camera records and plays back perfect. All connection ports work The bad: missing the lens hood (never got it when I bought it used a few years back) custom user buttons don't work ( was like that when I bought it..... those are where you can program to have "delete last clip") up direction on the toggle menu toggle needs a firm push to move up small blemish on front element (I have never seen this show up in footage) crack on bottom of camera ( bought it like this, think it was from improper mounting of a rail system, I just covered it with a sticker to protect from dust and its been fine. xtreme and rails mount with no issues)
  13. Puts people with common sense in a precarious position.
  14. But to me it seems like about 90% of the world, maybe 95%, may be on the high end of the autistic spectrum. Shit is seriously an epidemic. I can't even drive down the road or stroll through the grocery store without feeling like I'm in some sort of weird autist-apocalypse.
  15. Mark my words, I'm NEVER cuffin' a bitch again. I'm married to MONEY. Ima die happily ALONE. Fuck a bitch.
  16. I have always said your username as NY Clurker
  17. The year is 2033 G00by meets a lady g00b G00by makes philosophical thread on sp G00by says, "Jay u wuz rite" Jay responds, "I fukkn atodaso"
  18. SteveLaClair

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    Keep it coming dude. I have a broken external drive that would be full of SP gems that I need to get working again.

    NETJIOT: the next generation

    and weee bacl and we back and we backkkkkk
  20. Karim.mov Karim came and crashed on my couch for a few days last year and got all this footage in two days
  21. You act like I'm a virgin, Jay. I ain't no square.
  22. Why don't just enlighten me if you think I'm wrong? Should be pretty easy...
  23. speed_bumpington

    Random Photo Discussion

    looking to purchase an xa or xa2 if anyone has one for sale hit me up daniel.pasminski@gmail.com :)
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  25. I'm sure you guys have heard of cognitive dissonance.
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