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  2. I think people need to slow down and think. If it's just about technical perfection, then robots should be the only photographers once artificial intelligence catches up. But I'll never believe a robot can produce art, because art is about emotion and robots don't have emotion.
  3. slide95

    what's up with your website?

    everything fine, just some truble about the newslater, i cant get from people who connect...
  4. slide95

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    Very interested in the CFV II 50c..... looks way cool.....and with the new 907 body attached to X series lenses - it looks like a dream...albeit a very expensive one.
  5. still think about you all the time man. thanks for the memories.

  6. minimumwage


    I miss Derek Gertz. Funny I thought of you almost immediately when I remembered my login, MoneyBucks20!
  7. maybe a Discord server would see more activity?
  8. minimumwage

    Happy 15th Birthday

    happy bday skateperception! can't believe I remembered my login. lots of good memories here. I've forgotten a lot of the names, but I hope everyone is well and prosperous. probably won't be back soon. I don't skate anymore and have hardly any involvement with the scene... see you again in another 10 years maybe? thanks for the memories. I definitely learned a lot more here than I realized and SP definitely helped shape me creatively and in my ability to take critique on my art. thanks <3
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  10. BurkyBro

    Short Youtube Skate Clips?

    thinking about it in a content type of way short clips arnt as interesting to view on youtube (yt consistently pushes videos 10 min+ instead of quick clips) its all about the social presence you can make with the clip, a different outlet would get different reactions but for short stuff youtube probably isnt the way to go if views are in mind
  11. BurkyBro

    Who has a "job" that's filming?

    i started out filming skating and found this site in a similar way to you, once high school was over i got tired of delivering pizzas and started filming and editing music videos. eventually got hooked up with a big youtube channel and was hired on as main filming/editing for the entire channel, mainly do freelance work now and havent had a real "job" in years. at this point in time youtube is my paycheck (monthly) but i still find work in between for when i need that extra cash. a local skateshop just offered me a position as their filmer and im serious contemplating do it. doesnt pay for shit but i could keep my youtube going and get into something i always loved. i am also down to answer any questions on how to make a living off of youtube or online content in general
  12. Launchpad

    Easy handle v2 feeler

    It's sold I should delete this post
  13. BurkyBro


    i dont use mac but i get away with a Hauppauge hdpvr (not the gaming edition) and i use the a/v out on the side of my camera to the hdpvr. then the hdpvr has a capture software i use for it. even used it for vx footage when my cap pc burnt up
  14. BurkyBro

    Filming with a DSLR - Rokinon

    i use a tokina 10-17mm fisheye for my 6d, cheaper alternative to the canon 8-15 and just as sharp. i can control my vig with zooming, 13mm is hella and 14mm is none
  15. BurkyBro

    Easy handle v2 feeler

    still available? DM on instagram @burkyfilms
  16. BurkyBro

    VX9000/DSR200AP- viable vx alternative?

    you could achieve that vx1 look with a vx700, not sure what these bad boys go for but i bought 2 vx700's on ebay for under $300 total (diff sellers) one is the mintest camera i've ever even handled and i'm keeping the heads safe for a vx1 when needed but the other one is for parts and i just got a dn60 to use with it. could save yourself the shoulder pain if you regularly try and film with it
  17. BurkyBro

    Tapeless VX1000 recording

    i just got a dn60 off ebay and it just arrived to my house. i've had a vx1000 in my closet for awhile and i'm finally about to get to use it often. wondering if i shouldve found one of the sony options but i'll post test clips asap. anyone have any gripes of the datavideo compared to the sony option?
  18. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    Ah, the 2025 is only for day date stamp and retaining settings. The color issues are likely solder fractures in the video circuit...very common. If it won't eject, the power circuit has been compromised, also common. Since the cam is new to you, there's no history, so what I'd uncover once I get it all apart is impossible to guess. The average range for repairs in general for the VX1000 is $150 to $250 if that helps give you an idea what to expect. I can be specific once I've gone through it. I'd let you know before doing the work.
  19. Tournevis Cruciforme

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    The camera can power on, I mean the cr2025 is dead. When I power on, I can’t eject the tape (nothing really happen and can’t rewind or play the tape) When I turn on camera mode, I see like all in green ( sometimes purple or blue ) but watch the videos I’ve uploaded before
  20. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    Oh, sorry for the slow response...tis the season in here!
  21. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    So, will the cam power on? If not it may be the battery but it's not uncommon for the cams power circuit to have failed. If it does power up, what happens when you try and eject?
  22. Video Electronics

    VX2100 tape blocked

    Not likely I'm afraid.You have more than one problem and they don't seem as though they can be related. There are so many things that will need to be exposed and tested, the odds are very high that more damage than good would result if it's not something you do every day. If it were something routine and relatively simple I'd have been more than happy to walk you through it and save the money. And you're right, shipping isn't cheap from overseas. Between $50 and $60 each way depending on where you are. It was almost $80 to Tasmania. If you know Guillaume P and his crew in Paris, (they released "I Luv Kiev" a couple years back) you might ask him if he knows someone there. He used to send here but it got costly with multiple cams.
  23. Hey, I found an old Sony TR44 Handycam and have been shooting on it recently. Any suggestions for cables or capture cards to buy to import it to my Mac? It's got a Video Out and Audio Out jack. Thanks!
  24. I've just bought a VX1000 (not working) and I don't really know where the malfunction is. I think the battery is dead, some are arriving but... Here are the problems : - the tape don't want to come out ( the tape is full so i can't check if i can record) -some weird colors changing i think, depending of the light ( sometime its normal colors) I tried to rewind the tape through my computer but nothing happened Hope it won't be bad 😕 Olivier IMG_6806.MOV IMG_6801.MOV IMG_6800.MOV IMG_6799.MOV
  25. phineas

    VX2100 tape blocked

    Thanks for your quick answer, and no it wasn't me who sent you an email. To be honest I was hoping I could do something on my own before considering sending you the cam, which would be quite expensive from France. Is there any things I can do without changing any parts ?
  26. Currently up on eBay. But if anyone on here wants it let me know. This VX was fixed about last year or so. And then I never even put a tape through it. One of my good friends at our shop fixed it. It is all english except the record button/lever. All buttons work, VCR is broken but who cares. PM or comment if you have any questions. Reason I am selling is because I am trying to get a Nikon f5. So if anyone has one maybe we could make a deal? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-VX1000/283484288988?epid=100031387&hash=item4200faf7dc:g:aXAAAOSw9Ylc2jtj
  27. goober

    vx1000 pink blotches

    Thank you guys, just ordered a new part and a homie who fixes/paints vx's is gonna fix it. I really appreciate y'all hitting me back. Really sparked to stack content.
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