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  2. M Brown

    Tadashi Fisheye Protector

    Might be acceptable for video footage but I’d be willing to bet you’d suffer an IQ hit for high resolution stills, not to mention increased glare. If it’s plastic, it’ll scratch easily in time even with careful handling. Pay for insurance and abandon your fear - you’ll make better images if you get close AF and stop caring about your lens getting hit.
  3. M Brown

    Super sync

    High Speed Sync will freeze action just fine so long as your shutter speed is set to an appropriate speed - the downside is your useable light output will be very low. Im not familiar with your triggers in particular, but typically with modern triggers that are capable of performing hypersync / supersync / hi-sync (all the same thing and different from High Speed Sync), you need the transmitter to be on the camera hotshoe to utilize the TTL contacts as well as the sync contact. For the receiver, you would technically only need flash sync connection to achieve hypersync with the flash at full power. In this case, you would just need whatever sync cord fits your flash on one end and the receiver on the other. I just looked at images images of the triggers - you shouldn’t need cables at all if hypersync works out of the box. Just make sure the flash is set to full power (manual) and crank your shutter speeds into the 1/2000 sec. and faster range for best results. I’ve never used the Yongnuo triggers but this is how the Godox ones behave (albeit on my Nikons).
  4. so fuc**n happy to be back in f***** **tc* **s **** Borneo. Off to explore the jungles and most likely die to a venomous snake. Pay tribute to my life by watching my Youtube videos. link is probably in my bio.


  5. It's 76 degrees in Hanoi currently and this is how I feel. -_- It's crazy how a bit of time on the equator makes you feel like you are freezing to death in extremely comfortable climates haha. I should get used to it by the time my 3 months in Vietnam comes to an end.


  6. Saw this pair of legs walking down the beach in Bali. Rare deformity, being born without arms or a head, be sure to say a prayer for this little nugget.



  7. Just a sunset over Ubud. A bit of smoke seeping into the frame from the dozen or so locals burning piles of their trash (mostly plastic) all around me. I predict that Bali won't be the destination spot it is now in like 10 years -_-


  8. Oh look, another dinosaur. I wish I got a photo of the king cobra that crossed my path 1 meter in front of me, but I was too busy screaming like a little girl and backing up faster than Usain Bolt. Oh well, this guy with the giant ball growths on his face will have to do. Ha. Ball face.


  9. My time in the jungles of Sumatra were absolutely amazing, terrifying, and some of the best days of my life. I can't wait to go back, although I hope if I have a run in with a tiger again, I at least get a picture. When this picture was taken, we had been wading through the river for 3 hours. Luckily I was able to get my camera out without dropping it into the river below me haha


  10. I've seen quite a few rice terraces at this point in my travels, but I can honestly say Sa Pa took the cake. Most beautiful terraces I have ever seen and definitely worth the 8ish hour bus ride to get there!


  11. Look at all that meat.


  12. An angry chicken nugget.


  13. Two more weeks in Vietnam then I am off to Europe! I've had an amazing time in this country and can't wait to visit again. About to knock another continent off the list though, and as the kids say, that's lit.


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  15. Looking to buy a VX1000 in Ontario Canada. I live near Toronto, English preferably but will consider Japanese depending on functionality and condition.
  16. Video Electronics


    Nice work. 3rd one looks familiar. Where is that?
  17. Strange he has no idea...
  18. justin33marko


    Welcome back! Spread the word! Dig the tones in all these 🤤
  19. justin'


    Also just realized SP is still running (hardly) compared to how it used to be. The 1st is sharp and composed well, it just begs for some color to distinguish the scene a bit more, I agree with Fruitboot on the 2nd and the 3rd really stands out to me and the B&W suits the scene nicely.
  20. yeah i ask him first but he doesnt have any idea so i post here wondering if anybody had the same issue
  21. Fruitboot

    Random Photo Discussion

    ^I simply gave up having a platform to share photos on. I post to IG and that's it. Not bothering to upload photos to a site has made shooting more enjoyable for me.
  22. Fruitboot

    Week in Bali

    Dig them all but the third shot stands above the others.
  23. Fruitboot

    Went to sweden

    Like both scenes just wish there were more interesting moments timed within them.
  24. Fruitboot


    Thanks! This was my first time shooting Portra 160 and it reacted very well. I don't overexpose any of my film when shooting but I rated it at 100 with my meter to account for reciprocity. Cheers! Got a bit of reticulation since I'm pretty careless with temps when deving BW.
  25. Video Electronics


    Check with Jorge at VX1000market. He's a century distributor.
  26. can i repair my mk1 intermediate with a new front element like are they the same actual size?
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