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Iball Velocity By Ecoblu - Interview/faqs

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#1 paproductionz


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Posted 18 March 2012 - 11:49 PM

EcoBlu introduces the iBall Velocity - The First Self-Regulating Variable Return
(EcoBlu Website: www.ecobluweb.com)
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"As more multi-speed pumps are installed in the field, filtering problems have been identified around a lack of surface agitation that results when users attempt to take advantage of the energy efficient low speed settings. The iBall Velocity - the first self-regulating variable orifice return eyeball ever produced corrects this. The intelligent, innovative design of the iBall Velocity maintains functionality of the pool return at low pump speeds by adjusting orifice size for optimal flow velocity. This in turn maximizes system efficiency through improved agitation and circulation at these lower speeds, allowing the pool owner to take full advantage of the cost savings potential."

My dad and 2 of his buddies came up with this idea, and the patent is currently approved and apparently it's quite secure; no one else has seemed to submit a patent like this, so it should be great.

Being in school for Cinematography, I decided I would take the job as head guy in charge of photos, videos, and the website 'til it gets big enough for some change. Did my best on this edit, and hope you guys enjoy!

I also hope that most of you's will watch this whole thing, and understand what the iBall Velocity really does. When my dad presented this idea to me, I seriously thought this should already be in every pool system.

If ANYONE needs a bit of explaining I'd be glad to help. Hope you's all like the video! and Subscribe for more!

Be sure to check out the website @ ecobluweb.com!

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 06:29 PM

Nothing? Wow

#3 chic File A

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:06 PM

-The audio levels were super low in some parts.
-A clip on mic would have been helpful.
-I never knew pools didn't have this kind of stuff already.

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 07:24 AM

I had a quick look (didn't have time to watch it all sorry). Firstly your video here:

Efficiency is spelt wrong!

Back to the original video...

White balance was way off. There's too much green in the back ground and skin tones, this could've been a really simply fix.

Audio - Was this onboard audio? Never use on board audio for something like this, sounds way to passive, tinny and quiet. Hire a wireless kit and recorder, it would've cost you $60 and increased the production 10 fold.

Audio mix - track was too loud, with the quiet vocals, it was near impossible to hear him whilst I was eating my panini.

Logos were too big and distracting, make them smaller. And IMO logos look better top corners, bottom are for strap lines.

The logo movement at the start was reminiscent of 90s desktop screen savers. Pay attention to todays graphical trends (relevant to the website also), a nice an up to date presentation will help sell your product. The thing actually looks pretty cool, accompany this with good media!

The zooming PIP at 0:44 looked dated also. And looked strange because he wasn't centre frame. In this case, I would've brought the video up in a small PIP alongside him (you framed him to the left to accompany this!).
Or cut to the video fullscreen and just have a voiceover.

Hope you get something from this!