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    I replied to your thread on slap. But would be interested in the mk2 for my hvx200
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    The AC90 audio defaults to a weird 5.1 surround sound thing that I didn't feel like taking the time to mess with, so some of the audio sounds a bit weird. But basically just wanted to try out mixing GH5 fisheye and AC90 long lens at full HD 4:3.
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    Hey guys, since I learnt pretty much everything I know about filming with 3CCD on this forum, I'm glad to share this video with you. I made it for my local shop in Grenoble, France. This is my first full video so it would be nice to have feedbacks on filming, editing,... Thanks !
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    Thanks for taking the time to watch and reply, it's always good to have an external opinion to improve. Regarding the "dynamic" line filming you mentioned, I believe we (french people) are influenced by Romain Batard work, and it does not always look as good as what he is doing 😁. In the first line, it was more to avoid the switch no push quite boring rolling between the two tricks ahah. For the filming, as you said it's a homie thing, so I'm setting the camera and everyone is filming each other so sometime it's kind of experimental... I'm the first guy in the video by the way, so my part is all homie-filmed ! ahah Thanks for your comments, I will come with a better one next time for sure !
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    Couple more parts if anyone is interested!
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    No comply up the stairs, obviously.
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    Oh yeah no doubt there's tons of terrible filmers that learned on dslr cameras and are getting a vx for the clout. There's a whole cult behind the vx and just owning one doesn't matter. 'When I asked Wolfe what he thought of kids filming with VX1000s today, he said he sometimes wishes the camera would die. “It’s like, are you really buying a camera to make a video, or are you buying it to make a statement and have an accessory?” Fortunately, filmers like Panebianco, Garshell, and a handful of other VX1000 disciples are making sure the camcorder keeps its cred.' http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2018/07/13/tracing-history-skateboardings-most-famous-camera/