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    Been working on this for about two and a half year now... featuring a bunch of florida dudes. check it out https://youtu.be/3KHO2LUTQFM dvds available at tbmersh.bigcartel.com
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    Two new ones - Tear me apart
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    How can we get these filming assignments going again? It was always my favorite part of SP
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    You left a message but I couldn't grab the phone number. You can email me...kerry@videoelectronics.tv and I'll shoot you the form to send with it. As with all repairs, I'd prefer not to get battery, tape, hood...just the cam and the form is great. Your welcome to call again during business hours, of course. 978-664-9992
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    Cheers for your suggestions guys!
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    does this happen while filming or just when a tape is inserted? The other issue is likely the power control block beginning to fail. Side note...all ok down there? I see you're in Durham
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    that's really weird. I have seen some weird prices on mk1's though. I think i've also seen an mk2 for sale online with a pic of an mk1 instead but over all it is probably a pricing mistake. Wish I had copped the 695 one instead of the 800 dollar one I bought off of b&h like two months ago haha.
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    A bit of fun in the sun. No filmer board and some sound glitchy footage at the end ++ edit is dropping late cause it's too sunny for once in the UK to be in 'da studio'.
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    hopefully the crailtap filmers document his experience as a series and edit them with a fun lighthearted song like their weakdays montages
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    Just wanted to say thanks. 10 years later
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    Dude, chill. Stressing over some post on a skateboarding forum is not going to make you any good.
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    agreed. Trying to find a mint anything 20 years into its life if tough though. Given enough time, money, and effort, "mint", or close to it, can be restored.
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    So, I have been living in Hong Kong for almost a year now (going to be here for at least two more years). The only camera I brought with me was my Hasselblad. I don't have a scanner here, but I get my film developed and scanned for around 3$, which is ok. Unfortunately, its low resolution and they don't keep the frames in the scans but fuck it. Here's some shots: (All 500cm & Portra 800/400) More: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goncalo-rodrigues/
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    These are so sick Three Dollars?! jealous. They look pretty solid
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    someone send that tre flip nose manny to weck. that deserves an episode of manny busters.
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    Lighting is really nice, no bad shadows, he stands out against the darkness, and your eye goes directly to him (could burn ht e left side a bit). the slight amount of motion blur looks really nice and the tilt works for the body language of the skater. Looks like it needs some chromatic aberration correction though. Bonus is a little flat. Might help with some dodging and burning on the skater or a high contrast b&w grade.
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    The biggest thing with the footage you see on youtube has to due with current youtube compression and the way the editor is exporting the video. I recently exported some vx footy at 4k60p at a high bitrate just to see how youtube would handle it and it for sure makes a huge difference. Youtube hates the native 480p res and compresses the shit out of it even further creating very pixelated artifact heavy images. Vx footage should always be exported at at least 720p60 for best youtube results in my opinion.
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    I think a lot of current "bad" looking vx footage looks bad due to inappropriate shutter/ aperature combos, and people trying to get "golden colors". Just because you're using a vx1000 doesn't mean footage will instantly look good. The basic properties of exposure still apply.