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    Can't remember the last time I did this so I'll just post my favorite photo from the past 6 years since I last was posting on here. This one was my first cover and was an insane battle to watch. I had broke my camera in half the night before and had somehow managed to get it put back together for $150 the same day I dropped it off. *feeling lucky* Hugo Balek, No Comply. San Francisco, CA. And I guess a bonus one to make up for lost time. Johnny Purcell, crook pop over. Halifax, NS.
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    Welcome back to SP. As you may realize, things may look a little different but it's all still here. Things to make note of: I updated the software to the latest version so your display name will be your original user name... I could manually go and update them if necessary If you were a moderator, you may still be one but I'm likely to clean up the extensive list to something reasonable Many forums got merged together to save on wasted scrolling space just to get to AAG While SP was down, Photobucket changed their policy for hot linking photos, so there's bound to be thousands of broken images on here... That's out of my control This new software is way different than the stuff that was used previously, so hang with me as I figure stuff out There's an abundance of pinned topics cluttering everything up... This is an artifact of merging so many forums together and will be a manual process to clean up So what happened to SP? Long story short, I was getting a little bummed on the place as it had been a great collaborative community for nearly 10 years and then went off the rails as a spot for idiots and trolls so when some big bills for overages came in, I said "screw it, shut it off" and let it die. Fortunately over that year and half I received many emails, DM's and even people giving me shit in person about bringing it back. So here's to seeing if we can restore it to a place that fosters learning and all of that stuff. I hope you all enjoy, I'll look forward to seeing what everybody has been up to.
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    Short unfinished cut, made for the bonus features for a video i'm working on. Would love some critiques.
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    Haven't been shooting much since SP went down a few years ago, but shot this yesterday. Alley-oop back 180 into the bank.
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    The guy who got my camera returned it to the post office and I retrieved it yesterday.. happy wednesday yall!!
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    text me back you strange, isolated chicken farmer (miss you). You still use this don't you?
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    I got sober 3 years ago. I skate way more than I did for the last 6 years. Filmed a video part which I haven't done since I was 16. Built a darkroom at my house and shoot as much film as I can. I mean, I work in a restaurant, but I'm enjoying more of the stuff I was missing out on.
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    I recently started a quarterly skate mag. Here are 3 photos from the first issue.
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    You mailed that T4 to me in an unpadded envelope.
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    Just in case you guys forgot.
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    One whole week free of nicotine ! Hardest addiction to beat ever honestly
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    That joke got left behind with the old site.
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    send the t4 to me for free. mine broke in paris last year when a high school friend was visiting from detroit. need that fucking camera back in my life again last pix before the winder stopped
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    yeah but it has 420x digital zoom
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    Here's a shot from over the break... Also a Q flash got demolished that day, awesome. Is linking from IG kosher? We'll find out.
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    Some haven't been published yet so skateperception exclusive, some tricks are also to be seen in my 'Likkie Wax' video PS. What a fancy system to upload photo's not like the old SP in any way Glen Fox - Frontside noseslide Rob Maatman - fs 5-0 180 Jip Koorevaar - Bennet Turtle Productions' Fabi - Boneless Justin Wagener - Crookbonk Nick Bax - FS Wallride Tobias van Rooij - Switch Fs Nosegrind
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    where you based man? saw you in that per se video
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    Got a few photos from recent and the last couple years. Crit please! Bs 180 reverse nosegrind was on a recent trip to stockholm. Self crit on fs smith - Wish I had shown more of the rail where it cuts off out of frame.
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    It all comes around.
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    I know Deathlens_fisheye_sales sales on here and on instagram usually has a few it seems like. Hit him up
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    I've been working on a video for the last 4 years now and it's finally going to premiere this March. Filmed with the old trusty VX1 MK1 setup across Europe. Here's the final promo I released for it!
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    I don't usually make videos anymore these days but I certainly need to get back into it. This is a recap video including some of my favorite memories from 2017. First time going for a cinematic style. Mostly exploring, but some skating as well.
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    http://Benien - bs noseblunt by Jan Rehermann, auf Flickr hasselblad 500c/m shoot on kodak tmax100 film in Sarajevo click on the photo for sharp version
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    Welcome back everyone. Feel free to fire away with repair questions. Fellow members are always eager to help and I'll throw in as well.
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    Hey Jose! Me and Kevin were roomates for a few years until about 6 months ago. He had last part in my most recent video. pleeeeease hit me up when you move to LA. Im in Long Beach! I Lived in San Diego for 3 years and recently moved back to Long Beach. Do lots of freelance in the skateboarding industry. Trying to branch out and do more non skating related stuff. Just finished another video about 5 months ago. Uuuuhhhhh, I'm almost 30 and I dont have a wife, kids or pets. I still film skating almost every day and I keep in touch with alot of friends I've made from SP. We should bring back the SP yearly montage! haha
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    Here's some pics from recent and not so recent Always stoked on critique Wallie 50-50 by Hendrix Arnold, on Flickr Fs Powerslide by Hendrix Arnold, on Flickr Bs Crook by Hendrix Arnold, on Flickr Cheers
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    in 7th grade at halloween I was bombing a hill in denver and didn't know what I was doing, started wobbling, tried to bail and smashed my face up pretty good on the pavement. my sister came running after me. I felt sick for a couple hours and embarrassed. the next day at school was dope though. the middle school girls crowded around me, what happened!? oh, just out doing my thing. sk8er boi rocking up mtv
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    god damn shes a pretty one. Eventually I am trying to get ahold of this set up!
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    Here's my dog Bill, he's pretty worthless but doesn't bite people so that's good for something.
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    Stoked on these! Tell King to quit slacking and let's get that show going hahah
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    Just keep it at Frame Sampling. Optical Flow can sometimes work if you're slowmoing 30fps or something, but can get glitchy and gross looking too.
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    Sony (digital) Hi8 + MK2 シ
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    Even though I agree with all of your pros, the cons outweigh them, and this video (in my opinion) is one of the worst, most unwatchable pieces of skate media ever made.
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    Love the ceramic coated F80! I've really gotten into the euro scene due to work over the last couple years. I still drive a japanese shitbox; I bought this 2011 Evo GSR in the fall of '16 and have really enjoyed it. Detailing has also become an interesting subject for me and I had my car fully paint corrected, partially clear bra'd, and then finally coated within a couple weeks of owning it. I still picked up a few rock chips on these crappy Charlotte roads in the short time it was exposed. It dyno'd 230whp stock and now makes 350ish with the help of a high flow cat, catback, intake, upper intercooler pipe, boost controller, and a nice tune. I've also done brake upgrades, delrin/poly upgraded differential and driveshaft bushings, a stiffer front motor mount, upgraded ball joints/tie rod ends, bilstein shocks off a higher trim Evo, lowering springs, and the full shifter bushing package and a short shifter. It's a pretty well rounded car now and is almost as fun to bang through the gears in as my old rb25 240sx. But nowhere near as charming.
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    Nice to see the forum up and running, haven't skated in years but like to take photos still. Here's some from a trip to Indonesia I did. Critique welcomed.
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    "And I don't wanna talk to a scientist. Y'all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed" - gooby 2018
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    anthony your site is really rad, I love the first series. The home page is a lil busy but I think it mostly works, the site feels cohesive. also, dannyp, I almost always disagree with having the navigation tools over the photos themselves, I feel like its distracting and easily avoidable
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    JUST SAYING, Video Electronics are the people you want to fix your VX Cameras. My close friend Dean Kubasek has had this problem fixed along with many other problems from these homies.
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    Alright, 4k post zooming is lit and all. But hear me out: Just because you don't use a zoom rocker doesn't mean the zoom tool is ruined. I know some hvx/hpx filmers used the zoom ring on their cameras to get the exact zoom they wanted. You honestly just have to grind and learn how to film with the zoom ring. I'm sure the Cinema lenses help a lot with all this but I don't have those. Anyways, what helps a lot is having a shoulder mount for your DSLR while your zooming. One hand on the lens and one hand on the rig/camera. I use this cheap shoulder mount off amazon and it has worked wonders! I'm about to make a video about this soon. (old photo)
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    Guys I moved to Colorado, so just lemme know when it's coming my way! xoxo
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    so many beautiful names to see :') im living over here in amsterdam. any one of you guys is welcome at any period in time, got a baller couch. my girlfriend just bought a Canon WP-1 and A-1 for us 2018 underwater! im not coming up for air. R.I.P Chase!!!!!!! That legend told me about those camera. Pacific Ocean influence you fuckin heard! wow guys, heres to a new one.
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    in a deep meditative hibernation awaiting the return of perception and continuing spiritual the search for the metaphysical prophets known as gooby and hai2u2
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    Still taking photos. Still a programmer. Still an asshole.
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    i ate dinner with zander last night and hes like you know that hasselblad back? i still have it i have had it for like a year im fucking blowing it!