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    a shit ton of step up/down rings.
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    I usually make a new project with custom settings 1440 x 1080, 50P and then just throw the vx footage on there, looks even crispier than the Lakai example you put, here's some of my footage:
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    Not my actual video - but I filmed some of the guys parts in this on a mix of old Panasonic VHS cams. Also, it's his first full length. Big up. More info on here - shoutout to Vague Mag for posting this! ~ https://www.vaguemag.com/vhseven-seven-skateboards/
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    This was a Century Optics MK2 taped onto the 60mm (IIRC it was 60mm) sunshield on a Panasonic M3500. And yes, it weighed a ton.
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    My workflow is to work native SD, export native, and then compress in Handbrake at 720. I make videos over a longer timeline and may not be doing things right, but that's my approach.
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    Just uploaded my most recent full length, came out last July. Check it out
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    The age old vig problem. Replacing the VAP Unit is the only hope, but is not 100% effective. Sony would tell you that their lens is as perfect as it needs to be...to run a SONY wide angle lens. It was not designed with that Century lens in mind. With a tight, solid VAP there would be a significant change for the better though. If you look back at some of the classics, like fully flared, the vig is off. It's part of the VX1000's charm!
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    for starters, naming your topic longboarding certainly isnt helping