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    This spot is pretty blown out now, nevertheless it was my first time skating in Montreal and I like the heelflip. Critiques please.
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    First one for sure.
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    https://www.instagram.com/magnusfreeborn/ http://thahigh.life
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    I like the second one more
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    First one is banging.
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    nice, first ones better
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    cool shots.
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    Fuckkkk it's been forever Critique is always appreciated ❤️
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    Thanks guys. I went tight because I wanted as narrow depth of field as possible to make him stand out from the background.
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    would have been better at dusk/night. oh well.
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    Hahaha wtf just checked that SP still existed and saw this^
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    Perhaps everyone doesn't know it's back. Also since it was gone, people probably just lost habit of checking SP. SP wasn't gone that long but the internet is way different than when it was here. Facebook isn't as popular with younger kids because it's straight adware and populated by their parents and millennials, they all moved to instagram and snapchat since they can escape their parents there. Reddit is the only forum people use, though I think it's a hugbox and circlejerk. But think about the result of asking skateboarding reddit (I've never actually been to it) to come here instead, they'd say no because they can get their skateboarding and other stuff in one spot. Not that I think an SP insta would be useful, though remember how we used to have the tumblr? Also scootering is apparently the cool thing anyway. Plus most of us are different now. I've known of SP since 2006, joined in 2007, that was 12 years ago, most of us were in middle/high school and some college. It's actually strange, I'm 26 now and I've known of SP for 12 years, that's one year short of half my life. Now most people are older and out of school, apparently a lot of you in coding jobs. I'm a molecular genetics/biochemistry PhD student, so that occupies a lot of my time and doesn't really lend itself to photography. Though I did just buy an XT2, which I love. I'm glad SP is back, but it came back in a weird time. Some kind irony posting an insta clip but skateboarders are fucking ridiculous now
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    Nope, no need to scale the footage up. My camera is 1080 60p and my sequence dimensions are 1440 x 1080 30p (essentially 1080p with the edges chopped off so the aspect ratio is 4:3). Just have to be a little careful when filming to make sure that the skater isn't on the very edge of the frame, though I've rarely had major issues and you can always adjust the frame in premiere if you did mess up. The vig on my fisheye flares quite bad so I do use an overlay, but the overlay is virtually identical in size/shape to the original vig, it's just there to mask the flaring.
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    Whatever happened to Pierre?
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    The Sony e-mount (mirrorless) system has got a few good options for filming long lens. I got the Sony a7s II with the Sony 18-105 f4 power zoom lens (APS-C). The lens has an electronic zoom and zooms very smoothly when turning the zoom ring. Also it has a little zoom rocker on the side of the lens. The lens doesn't extend when zooming. Because it's a powerzoom lens, you can use an external remote plugged in to the camera to control the zoom. I got a GP-VPT1 grip (as shown on the picture) which has a little zoom rocker. I also have a cheap fotga remote (RM-VS1) which also has a zoom rocker. A great combo with the sony 18-105 lens is the Sony a6300 APS-C body, because it has great autofocus for video.
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    been waiting for the return of swine.
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    no1 is buying a second hand card even that new for only 100 off cmon quit playin
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