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    Make sure thw battery is fully charged and you have a fresh tape. Open a window, then throw it out the window.
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    kinda random but i filmed this part while sp was down i think
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    Hey guys, I have an idea. To help bring SP back to life, I propose we should come together and create something great. We can use social media as our platform to announce the relaunch and tell people who don't already know about SP that the community even exists. Lets get this conversation going. Feel free to contribute any ideas you may have big or small and lets collaborate. Lets bring SP back to its former glory!
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    What’s up guys. It’s been a minute. Me and Andrea just recently moved back to Florida and bought a house. I’m a full time UI/UX designer now working remote for a small start up, and make electronic music in my free time. Andrea is also a UI/UX designer as well. We’re 27 now and coming up on a 10 year anniversary. I still skate a little bit, but the majority of my free time is spent between working on personal design projects for portfolio and making music. But I’ve been trying to skate more lately. Most of my FL homies moved out of state but my filmer homie just moved back so we might go out and skate soon. I’m a chubby fuckin piece of shit now so on top of not skating very often, it’s also 100x harder lol.
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    when he says "hard" Like.. HARD
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    This is one of the first photos I ever shot that I was really stoked on. Wish the spot was still there, only went once and then it was removed a couple months later. I have been told it's too tilted. Opinions?
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    tailslide stylus epic on ektar1hunna finally dev/scanning all my film from the past 4 or 5 years. this will probably be the only skate photo out of the whole bag. https://danielpasminski.tumblr.com/
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    Feels great to be posting here again. Its pretty crazy to see the people I looked up to on here are still active and ready to bring these forums back to life. A lot of you have shaped the way I film & edit skateboarding videos to this day. With that being said, I'm excited to share this new video series I am releasing through Transworld Skate for 2018. Filmed entirely in Toronto, Canada. More volumes to be released throughout the year. Enjoy
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    Trying out a new GH5 at the park the other day: All of it shot with a Sigma 18-35 and Canon 8-15. The GH5 is fucking incredible.
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    Hey guys, after all this time Im still filming skating. I recently finished another full length. All the individual parts are online on different platforms but the video as a whole (intro, friends, credits, etc) isnt. If anyone wants, i still have copies for sale at www.SICKheadVIDEO.com
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    Here's a shot from over the break... Also a Q flash got demolished that day, awesome. Is linking from IG kosher? We'll find out.
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    Decided to submit an entry for this contest: http://girlskateboards.com/contest/ It's been snowing in Salt Lake and I've always wanted to make a video like this but never got around to it. Filmed in one day with Kaleb Hadlock.
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    Can I have my name changed to FuckSocialMedia thanks yous
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    It’s the was the 3CCD chip is alingned. No camera is absolutely perfect. Some are much better then others however it was never noticed from factory because the only thing it effects is the vig on the fisheye. With that said you can’t fix it without taking apart the whole vx.
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    every VX1000 ive ever had has had this problem at one time or another and the solution was always to hit the camera, hard.... good luck
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    id say use frame sampling if your not planning on slowing it more than the frames needed if that makes sense. if you're editing in 24 then you should be able to slow ur 120fps footage to 25% without needing to use any other interpolation option.
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    I always thought that running this forum for such a long time was a real feather in your cap, Steve. I was around back in the EmpireofDirt days although I preferred the Shumways board. Is NightLifeMike still going on weekend-long benders? Funny... when I first was using this board back in 7th grade, I would wonder if I would be active on here forever. I would think of an older version of myself sitting in a cubicle watching clips in the montage section. I always sucked at skating and filming and was too scared to pursue something that I had passion for, like most of you seem to have done. Not sure exactly when the boards went down but I graduated school a few years ago and have been in NYC working at an investment bank. I'm still best friends with the guys I used to skate with 12+ years ago but we all sold our souls. Spend my time outside of work doing stupid bullshit, visiting my parents dogs and trying to figure out where the time went.
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    It doesn't seem that bad? The OP in that thread I linked posted these results. Opteka even re-uploaded this test footage on their official youtube channel for it. I'm still on the fence on how I feel about Vig. Sometimes I think it looks pretty cool on HD and sometimes not. I grew on VX footage so it doesn't really bother me. I was thinking of picking up both. They are relatively cheap in comparison to Century's offerings.
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    the locations, shots, colour, pacing were all great. only gripe was that the script was a little too cliche/'written' for what seemed like was an amazing adventure and the speaker sounded like he was reading a paper/it was dishonest. the fully flared zoom was a little jarring but it was for effect obviously. some of those shots were super epic though! can't wait to see what else you do with the red. <3
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    awesome filming! i'm guessing you're inspired by aaron randi aka academyskatepark aka ronnie dings. skated that park a couple times on tour and loved it. montage is a proper example of how you can experiment with filming whilst at a park because there's no big deal if you mess up. there were some points where the skater wasn't totally in the frame or the framing didn't do anything for the trick but that will come with learning to see what the fisheye sees. i always make sure by checking my framing at the beginning and the ending of the clip to see where my arm should be pointing, and then eventually you won't need to do that at all. great stuff!
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    This video was amazing man! Thank you for what you do!
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    *Update* that made a huge difference
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    Welcome back to SP. As you may realize, things may look a little different but it's all still here. Things to make note of: I updated the software to the latest version so your display name will be your original user name... I could manually go and update them if necessary If you were a moderator, you may still be one but I'm likely to clean up the extensive list to something reasonable Many forums got merged together to save on wasted scrolling space just to get to AAG While SP was down, Photobucket changed their policy for hot linking photos, so there's bound to be thousands of broken images on here... That's out of my control This new software is way different than the stuff that was used previously, so hang with me as I figure stuff out There's an abundance of pinned topics cluttering everything up... This is an artifact of merging so many forums together and will be a manual process to clean up So what happened to SP? Long story short, I was getting a little bummed on the place as it had been a great collaborative community for nearly 10 years and then went off the rails as a spot for idiots and trolls so when some big bills for overages came in, I said "screw it, shut it off" and let it die. Fortunately over that year and half I received many emails, DM's and even people giving me shit in person about bringing it back. So here's to seeing if we can restore it to a place that fosters learning and all of that stuff. I hope you all enjoy, I'll look forward to seeing what everybody has been up to.
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    Loved it! I would try, as hard as it is, to squish it down to 1 minute so that you can use it on Instagram/other social media. Advertising on Instagram is relatively cheap and easy whereas for Facebook you may have to get someone who knows a thing or two about installing FB Pixels on your site to track your data. Also maybe try to match the grades a little more. Like at 19 seconds desaturate it to fit the rest of the footage.
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    Also the intro was done by connecting the camera into the RCA jacks of a tv and then zooming into the tv. the delay causes a loop which makes that weird never ending pattern. I'm sure a lot of their stuff was done through filming the tv, doubling up on the quality loss. You'll never get the exact look of Hi-8 or VHS from filters and it's cheaper and less time to just film on those mediums. Only time Filmconvert really works is to mimic 35mm film and that's because 35mm 4k scans already look clean enough to be digital. Attached is a screen grab from the video. It was made by zooming/macro focusing the individual diodes of the tv.
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    calipers are definitely not the right tool for this, the points are thin and not designed for something like this at all two small nails are better (that's what i've used in the past) , but if you can get snap ring pliers that will make front element removal a hell of a lot easier
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    Johnny Cleary on Coda Skateboards. Basement ramp. Detroit, MI. Click to see full resolution.
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    a big thing you have to ask yourself does this make sense to the average viewer. for me, I think a basic voiceover interview would have helped miles for this to give a basic explainer on what is going on so I wouldn't have to guess. as for technical, some of the shots at the beginning were underexposed but with raw im sure you could bring them up in post (but they should have been shot correctly in the first place). try installing a lut to your camera so you can better judge exposure while shooting. Also some of the shots the shadows were raised too high, yet the shots from 31-33s are not enough to fit the look. A lut can go a long way but you have to go back and tweak per shot if need be to have some consistency. And next time for the blurry shots, do them in camera or find a better way (probably just blurring more) because to me you can tell its fake. for some inspiration look no further than skate videographers chris mulhern and jason hernandez. the b-roll is always around the script or dialogue. once you figure out what you want to say, you can figure out what you want to shoot, etc.
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    still own a vx1000 after 4 years, i bought pretty much my dream car but its slow and i work overnights and hit the skatepark a few times through the week yeah thats about it https://ja.ink361.com/app/users/ig-144663223/hockadaychan/photos/1611603935482924375_144663223
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    i know for a fact they have changed their optical coatings a few times since the mk1 release, and with those different coatings comes different flare colors and i would assume vignetting .
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    Ask if they have any sample shots that were made recently. At that price it doesn't seem to bad, especially since it's 220. I'm sure if you don't like the results, you could make your money back selling it to someone else.
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    Get on that Better Scanning glass and you can rock out with the 5 frame sleeves. Also 5 frame sleeves can be contact scanned, which I think is the best bet for scanning film unless you are printing a single image. - http://betterscanning.com Yes sir I love those pieces of glass I never use because I never scan. One day tho! My rec for a scanner is the v700.
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    I have never sent a camera in an envelope, much less an unpadded one. I know for a fact that is 100% false. Next time, try saying something at the time you got the camera instead of passive aggressively whining about it behind my back. Still a dumb video.
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    Cheers for this - I know there are guides still from the old SP site on the Wayback archive and all, but this clears it up a lot and is easier to look at!
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    Could i get Steak or if thats taken Steaktage? Was gunna go with David_Stoessel buuuut i figure at this point, everyone knows me by my nickname so i should go all in. Haha
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    I put this out at the end of '17 and figured I'd throw it up here. Hope you enjoy
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    That joke got left behind with the old site.
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    made a couple of photo books, released a full length video, started a quarterly skate mag, started skating bowls (I still suck, though)
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    Glad this place is back. Haven't found a place that gives any feedback. Appreciate any C&C.
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    I got a Canon 1014 auto zoom, I love it. It has full manual aperture and a few shutter angle selections. The built in light meter works well to. I would say look on eBay, I got mine for 185$ but I've seen them go for cheaper. It also just depends on how much your trying to spend. You can totally find a cheap 40$ camera and still get that nice super 8 look your after. When buying them just make sure the motor runs well at all the speeds it offers, and that the seller has specified that it is tested and working. For Developing and Scanning, I use Pro8mm, Its a company in Burbank California. The develop & scan i get is a 2048 x 1080 2K 16x9 full format over scan, Its comes out to 75$ and looks great and works well in both HD and SD timelines. I believe you can also get a basic scan in 980 x 720p HD 4x3 and that costs 45$ They have a super 8 tips page one there website you might find useful https://www.pro8mm.com/pages/super-8-tips The Sekonic L-398 is a nice light meter, They make much nicer but also much more expensive options as well. A Kodak Cartridge goes for about 29$ http://store.kodak.com/store/kodak/en_US/DisplayCategoryListPage/ThemeID.4792758000/categoryID.70237500
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    I graduated high school, got really into cars, went to college at central Michigan university where I’m still attending now. Lotta bullshit happened, I met Logan Burris and nich Estes at a car show in Georgia too. I went to Europe which was dope. It feels so good to be back and part of the community! Heres a pic of my car, if you wanna see more follow me on my Instagram! @joeyjacobss
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    We've contracted with a new manufacturer to produce these ribbons for us, and have hundreds in stock, so anyone looking to try replacing one themselves, feel free to email me (Kerry) at Video Electronics. Of course we still offer the service to install them as well.