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    Short unfinished cut, made for the bonus features for a video i'm working on. Would love some critiques.
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    I loved the filming assignments and it helped a lot of us filmers improve quickly. I’d be willing to help run this section if needed. I just think this a very important part of what SP was and should be?
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    i want to do a road trip this spring, thinking of driving up to the pacific northwest, any SP homies up there?
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    My photo goals for me this year are to 1- post more and share my work via social media, blogs, etc. I've fallen off this very badly in past years goal is to share/post something daily, which shouldn't be hard at all considering I spent a full month last year uploading everything I've shot to cloud storage so I can 1) access anywhere (especially from my phone when it's time to post) and 2) have safe offsite backup. 2- revisit old photos and create cohesive bodies for either web gallery, book, or both. there's a lot of different subject matter i've been shooting for years and never done much with. goal is two new galleries with a theme, and stretch goal is that plus one book or local gallery showing. 3- shoot at least 3 weddings and build/market a portfolio. ultimate goal from that is to generate at least 15% of my total 2018 income from my own photo stuff, ideally more.
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    The technology sector is amazing for this, the only bummer is that you have to continuously keep learning and you can't rest on your laurels or you'll be obsolete in no time. My job is quickly shifting to understanding developer more so than the infrastructure folks now that things are shifting to microservices and the whole "devops" approach. The market is getting hot for people that know kubernetes, OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, etc..
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    Yeah Linux/Python is great. Been doing it for 7-8 years now. It's nice because people learn Java and C# in school (or used to) - while really the job market is/was asking for Linux positions. For people like me (skate rats with no education whatsoever) it only takes skills to get a job, not some bullshit piece of paper you finished college/uni. Following you on Github now!
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    Welcome back everyone. Feel free to fire away with repair questions. Fellow members are always eager to help and I'll throw in as well.
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    Damn it’s good to be back. Where Sups at?
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    Haven't skateboarded in a long time. Got married, working on buying a house, working from home as a full stack JS dev for a certain Pharma Bro. u bi?
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    I graduated with a degree in English, so I'm a wedding photographer/videographer/bartender now. It's the exact opposite of what I want to do with photos, but it pays the bills and funds my expensive film habit haha. Sold all my gear and got a Mamiya 7 (v. Good decision), and use my Epic/Yashica T2 on occasion as well. (Those things are crazy expensive now??? I got my last one on here I think for like $35 and now they're going for $200+) Anyways, pretty much exclusively 120 now outside of video gigs. Built a darkroom in my basement with my fiancé (also, I got engaged) and have been really forcing myself to stick to analog for photos. Been really enjoying making prints, been messing around with pinhole stuff, and trying to work with more alt-process methods. Currently expiramenting with caffenol and trying different roasts/acidities to see how it affects development/overall quality.
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    John Danielson? We chat on insta every now and then. He works for the Houston Museum of Natural Science - still shooting skating too!