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    Hassy fish is so beautiful - What film are you shooting these with?
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    Yea I was going to say that looks pretty buck. Dirty as hell!
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    This post is great. I keep telling myself that this is the year to finally get smart about my photo backups cause it seems to be getting easier and cheaper with each passing year. Not that any of my photos contain anything crazy but I'm still on that old school mentality of having full ownership of my files. I''ve always followed the "3-2-1-" rule. The 3-2-1- backup rule is simple: keep at least 3 copies of your files, each in a different location. I'll have 1 main backup of all the files, then 2 separate backups of the OG file on 2 other backup drives. In a way it's like a RAID setup, minus the raid system (I use 3 total backup drives). Since SSD's are still expensive, I've usually kept 2 backups on traditional external HD's and then 1 SSD copy (to access the files faster, if need be). This year I want to replace one of the 2nd backups with a cloud storage solution, so that the 3-2-1 rule will be 2 external HD copies and then 1 cloud backup of everything else. All this file management is no joke and not going to lie, it stressed me out. Ugh.
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    Hahah those were dark times man Thanks for the change!