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    haha ok thats 3 people. It wouldn't be until much closer to the end of this year (assuming this SP-reboot stays truckin along for that long)!!!
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    You really can't do much. Out of the 7 vx's I have owned I have never had "perfect" vig..
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    reminds me of some jeff wall type stuff. too perfect to be real but still believable. i like it
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    super down! maybe fall release? dont have any unused footage since in canada it does this white bullshit thing once a year
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    10 days free of nicotine and 4 days free of alcohol So sad today
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    Thanks. Everything was planned. It's a bit of an homage to Spike Jonze's color series he did for Big Brother way back. I don't really care if people think it's real or not, kinda doesn't matter. The cup and shopping cart are the only thing that were there when we showed up. Lighting this one was tough. I only had 3 Vivitar 285hv's here. Ambient was strong and I was maxed out at my camera's sync speed.
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    Are none of you reading the replies at all??