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    awesome filming! i'm guessing you're inspired by aaron randi aka academyskatepark aka ronnie dings. skated that park a couple times on tour and loved it. montage is a proper example of how you can experiment with filming whilst at a park because there's no big deal if you mess up. there were some points where the skater wasn't totally in the frame or the framing didn't do anything for the trick but that will come with learning to see what the fisheye sees. i always make sure by checking my framing at the beginning and the ending of the clip to see where my arm should be pointing, and then eventually you won't need to do that at all. great stuff!
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    Trying out a new GH5 at the park the other day: All of it shot with a Sigma 18-35 and Canon 8-15. The GH5 is fucking incredible.
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    Great Job! most time i see demo montages filmed by bystanders, they arent very good. this one was great! Volcom dudes are sick. was this HPX170?
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    opening Lee Yankou clips were sick
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    I saw this the other day, very good, can't wait to see more.
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    Can I have my name changed to FuckSocialMedia thanks yous
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    id say use frame sampling if your not planning on slowing it more than the frames needed if that makes sense. if you're editing in 24 then you should be able to slow ur 120fps footage to 25% without needing to use any other interpolation option.