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    I hope God's light is shining upon all of you brightly.
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    bless you and thank you
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    I agree with you entirely. I definitely played it a little too safe with this one so on the next one I'll try to throw in more creative elements to hopefully bring it over that one notch more. Thanks for the feedback!! Thank you! It's 1080/60 straight from the camera to premiere; no scaling or anything.
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    I really dig the second one. I really liked the overall timing of the composition with everything in motion and like you said lighting was gorg. A+ captions too
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    i am near Pueblo, CO right now and i don;t know where i want to go once i get my income tax return. that is in like a week i think im going back to LA and have a little southwest vacation because i love it so much there if people want to skateboard then let me know, hopefully i'll skate with Ethan Roads again, maybe other Phoenix people also west LA ppl hmu. i mostly skate Stoner and the courthouse