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    You can still use warp stabilizer. there is a work around. you can either nest the clip then add warp stabilizer to the nest or make a new sequence an do it the same way. ever so often the new sequence way seems to work better for some reason but usually youd only need to use the nest feature. - Great job with the edit! i agree with all previous notes made by Jordan. Id invest in a decent fluid head tripod and learn how to use it for all long lens if you can since most people cant afford a good servo zoom. as for fisheye with single tricks, try planning out a path for your camera movement. decide how you want the composition to look at the start of the trick and at the end. I've been filming for 15 years and i still practice camera movements in between tries and constantly watch back the last attempts to see if I nailed the movement the way I wanted. as for filming lines, try keeping your wrist stiff and use your whole arm to guid the camera. it helps keep the motion smooth. Keep at it!!!