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    Not too into this one. Only had three tries. Timing a bit early, tried to frame him in the gap in the sky but couldn't do it because I wanted the entire baseball sign in there, but then the colours turned out shit, had to black n white it, so the sign doesn't look that good anyway. If I had time to set flashes up it might have been a tiny bit better, maybe. Feedback appreciated
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    Got back into shooting 6x6 after neglecting the Bronica for awhile. As always, crit appreciated. All Bronica SQ-Ai + Provia 100F
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    I see what you tried to do with the flare but its quite distracting here. Shadows on him aren't very clean either. He's also positioned at a slightly awkward part of the frame too. This has a lot of potential, minor tweaks here and there would have made it really good.
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    you don't need the sign in there. shoot a plate and get the filmer out. shadows on the skater are weird. doesn't need to be vertical. timing on the catch is off.
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    Daniel Hochman - Pupecki grind. Ads always any critique is welcome
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    cheers for the feedback. I agree with the colors
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    Damn, that's dope. Very vibrant.
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    the colors look sick!
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    I hate that sign. Especially the fact that it has words on it. I assume that's your flash on the right too? That's not so bad, I find the sign way more distracting.