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    I think the black and white looks cool. Agree about the timing but you did good for only 3 tries.
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    No, it was just that good. I met so many bomb ass skateboarders because of this place, learned about filming and photo shit. I even moved to NYC because of connections made here.
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    colour scheme is on point!. the lines and even that arrow go with the direction of the skater. only thing id add to it would be some dodging here and there to create some separation of the right leg and maybe on the shadow side of the face. only thing that kills it is the comic sans font haha. props on keeping the hassyfish alive! that setup, minus the film, is a huge investment.
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    I like the colour scheme, angle is good too. Maybe you could have moved the right flash such that the shadow was cast a bit further to the left instead of on the maroon wall. Also I'm generally not a fan of tricks where you can only see one arm, but you can't check when shooting film and there probably wasn't an awful lot you could do about it in this case.