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    Mike Freeland. Gap to back tail quick pop out. Detroit 2018. First time testing new flashes. (GODDOX AD360) Seem to freeze action pretty well powered down to about 1/8th. Have not had a chance to try them in HSS mode. Should of underexposed ambient a stop or so more sky is a bit harsh. Reflection on the dumpster is a bit distracting to could of raise my flash up a bit more? Critique is always welcome. Cam and Mike i see you guys lurking on here again lets here it. Please click to view full size for the best resolution. Cheers.
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    Not too into this one. Only had three tries. Timing a bit early, tried to frame him in the gap in the sky but couldn't do it because I wanted the entire baseball sign in there, but then the colours turned out shit, had to black n white it, so the sign doesn't look that good anyway. If I had time to set flashes up it might have been a tiny bit better, maybe. Feedback appreciated
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    Dropped my olympus mju ii and now its just a paperweight. Oh well, my keeper rate on these film point n shoots is terribly low anyway. Any general tips for shooting film/point n shoot stuff also appreciated.
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    this is a pretty good recap of how it all went down: http://forums.skateperception.com/topic/315367-the-book-of-revelations-of-the-true-church-of-the-skate-perception/ that and the modern skate youth have less interest in learning how to operate cameras in today's social media centric, smart phone driven world