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    you remind me of the reason it went to shit in the first place
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    Featuring: Nico Labbé, Christopher Kuitenbrouwer, Will Cohen, Adam Matthews, Jasper Stieve, Tyler Perason-Mallin, and Justin Fabus. Filmed mainly in Toronto, but features clips from Montreal, New York City, and North Carolina. Filmed/edited by Adam Banks.
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    bro you asked me for ketamine on Instagram shut the fuck up
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    Mike Freeland. Gap to back tail quick pop out. Detroit 2018. First time testing new flashes. (GODDOX AD360) Seem to freeze action pretty well powered down to about 1/8th. Have not had a chance to try them in HSS mode. Should of underexposed ambient a stop or so more sky is a bit harsh. Reflection on the dumpster is a bit distracting to could of raise my flash up a bit more? Critique is always welcome. Cam and Mike i see you guys lurking on here again lets here it. Please click to view full size for the best resolution. Cheers.
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    Clips I've filmed here n there on n off for a while. Feedback would be appreciated.
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    Lol thought this was gonna be about GoPro cameras. Anyways. I know this guy in his late 30's who used to film and take pictures for some big name skaters back in the day /claim I was talking to him about getting paid for filmig and he said lots of times he got fucked over and saw a clip he filmed, used in a video or as an ender and he didnt get shit all. Then other times where he got $500-$1000 for a couple clips. Chances are you will get something but maybe only if you ask, and if you want to get paid to film for your life you need to be careful about making sure you get that money. That's basically what I understood from what this guy said.