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    Hey all, long time no post from me. It's probably been around 10 years since I've been active on skateperception, but I remember how formative and inspirational it was to me back in the 2000s! Sharing montages and entering clips into assignments kept me motivated. Anyways, for old time's sake, I wanna share this new Boondoggle Throw Away Montage I put together to celebrate the video turning 10 years old! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIpc7b_56wo
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    Yeah, except I'm not a crackhead, you bitch ass hater. I'd beat the fuck out of you real life, bro. Real talk. None of you idiots would have the nerve to say this shit to my face. I'm a boss. I ain't no fuckin' junkie. Junkies don't whip foreign cars. Junkies aren't ballin' hard. I'm a smart, successful, creative person. That's why so many LOSERS hate me. I deal with it all the time in real life, so I already know what's going on here. I ain't never met a hater doin' better than me, and that's a fact. So move the fuck along, fuck boi.
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    i can picture goob just sitting at his computer drooling on his keyboard refreshing sp over and over for years hoping that the link wouldn't be broken on the next refresh
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    i think he already shit on it a while ago