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    I would like to follow people with meaningful photo posts or who are not instgram asswagons. I believe everyone else feels the same. Follow eachother and your instafeed should remain interesting. Add your names if not listed and add instagram users who you think are interesting onto the list as well. nickvespe - nickvespe Chase G - chasegrover_ ChefSnake - andrewkodama mike donahue - michaeldonahue midwestshred - alexfurrh sos - sos314 Newman. - namwen Buzzkillington - armedwithaneye madHAMMERS - 400nc kevinHORN - kevin_horn mrberns - macberns codykemmet - codykemmet BarneyStinson - notjackgramenz JordanWiens - wardenjeans Donavon - xDonavon R-ch - richboyphoto julian. - julianxberman dennisfilmer - Dennis_carlson chip - radventurers or chipmooney zacklehans - zacklehans i STILL owe tuney a print - mctomch Mike H - mike_hannan bosco - boscomatt dkn - zzzeyez Alex Papke - alex_papke stephenoliveira - focusstephen yrint - Trint_Thomas tCudney - tannercudney
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    Although I know this place is 100% dead now (and that's okay)... I'd like to point out that it just turned 15 years old today. Well, I suppose its adjusted age would be 13 if you count the two years it was completely down. But either way, Happy Birthday SP... You aged like a child actor.
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    HBD atron1000 This site is great and thank you Steve for keeping it breathing. People are still making skate videos and trying to figure out what fisheye to buy.