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    Jeremy Cooper. Feeble pop out on the scaffold. Detroit. 2018. Ektar 100. Hasselblad 501cm. CF 30mm. 1x sunpak 555 to the right. 1x sunpak 120j to the left. Shot @ f8 1/60th iso 100. Critique is always welcome. Please click photo to view full res. Thanks.
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    It's been months since I last shot a photo, only had two tries too. Feedback would be appreciated!
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    Most of the people on here are kind people. Many of us grew up together but now I need your help. The previous sentence is not necessarily grammatically wrong, it is just that it makes me cry. I'm now referring to a sentence two sentences ago. More now. We, in life, are actually chasing the past similar to how I'm chasing a reference to my sentence. The sentence that I want this to be about. We are living in the memories of our future selves because we are not quick enough to process the precise moment as it happens. Did you notice that? "As it happens." Happens refers to past-tense. We don't even have a word to refer to the occurrence of something as it occurs. And, so, we are remembering things as they happen. Bring me to my next point (maybe next is the best word because by the time your brain processes the word "next" you will be existing in the point to which I refer as the "next" point; therefore, the one you are experiencing contemporaneously. "Many of us grew up together but now I need your help." Two tries: "but" is supposed to be used when the point after it contrasts with the point that preceded it. I.e., (id est, it is Latin and it means "in other words" (it is different to e.g., or exempli gratia which means for example. (if you can distinguish between these two you are the top 1%.)) (I want to do well in school BUT I don't want to try hard.) Me needing your help does not contrast with us having grown up together. The word 'but' shouldn't have been used by whomever used it--most likely, the future-being controlling me giving hints as to what happens next but never actually taking me out of the shadows only pretending I have free will. ) (I still had one parenthetical to close out and wasn't going to forget: it's not a typo.)
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    I made a full length video for the first time in 7 years. It came out in late 2016 but I'm not just getting around to uploading it. Cheers.
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    I think a lot of current "bad" looking vx footage looks bad due to inappropriate shutter/ aperature combos, and people trying to get "golden colors". Just because you're using a vx1000 doesn't mean footage will instantly look good. The basic properties of exposure still apply.
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    The fisheye in this was filmed in 4:3 anamorphic on GH5 (with Canon 8-15) as well: Fisheye filmed at 4K anamorphic with the lens at 8mm with a Viltrox EF M2 and then cropped down into a 1440 x 1080 timeline. The zooming long lens was AC90 at 1080p60.
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    just going to list them out as i see them. watch out for hands/boards in the shot. i tend to hold onto my shirt with my hand thats not filming focus on the stability and then maybe zoom in post (use ease in ease out too) unless you get a zoom with a real servo. also warp stabilizer at a low setting like 1-5% can be a huge help. noticed some autoexposure and auto white blance going on, make sure thats locked. also sounds like auto audio, do some tests at a skatepark to find what audio level you like montage was fun though! good pacing and skating. could have cut some clips out here and there to make it shorter and the best of the best, but i know its hard to cut out the homies clips at first. but you have to do whats best for the edit sometimes. keep killing it!
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    The AC90 audio defaults to a weird 5.1 surround sound thing that I didn't feel like taking the time to mess with, so some of the audio sounds a bit weird. But basically just wanted to try out mixing GH5 fisheye and AC90 long lens at full HD 4:3.
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    Took this photo a couple of weeks back & finally got around to posting it. Looking for comments/Critique (Self Critique: Don't like the shadow on his body (Wish I had another flash to use) & wish the timing on the catch was a hair later)
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    Dudes footage sucks
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    Thanks. Actually, I found one on EBay. Won it for 40 $US. Surprised there were no other bidders. Cheers.
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    honestly headphones are legit if they were like earbuds woulda been wack only thing is to work on the clone you left where your shadow was to get this lighting, the curve of the metal on the stair is so unnatural I stared at it.
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    Got back into shooting 6x6 after neglecting the Bronica for awhile. As always, crit appreciated. All Bronica SQ-Ai + Provia 100F
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    been trying to log on this bitch for like 6 years now wtf is good
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    I have the one for an mk1. I'd assume this might be a similar issue for the dslr model, but I tend to never be able to get all the dust/hairs off of mine. The plastic seems to constantly static a bunch of fuzz and is a bit of a pain to constantly wipe. That being said though it is a $30-40 investment protecting a $800+ investment and it isn't noticeable in the footage so this is not a terrible trade off.
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    Kyle's part from "Overtime." DVDs available here - overtimevideo.bigcartel.com/ $10 including shipping anywhere in the US and Canada!
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    I mean, I've (and likely everyone else here) been a fan of your bronica stuff since 2006 or whenever I started looking at SP and whenever you started posting. I basically bought a bronica because of your stuff These are no exception. Been following you on insta and looks you get to travel to a bunch of cool places. Also slide film for life. If I still had my bronica I'd exclusively shoot E100VS but they don't make it anymore so provia would be next choice no question.
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    These are just a few, there's some more on my flickr. I just got a Fuji XT2 and love it. These were all with that, and a canon fd 135mm f/3.5, except the last one which was the fuji 18-55. Old meets new, an F22 Raptor and a P51 Mustang. It's challenging to show the actual distance between these two. They're not on top of each other but they were very close for planes.
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    YEAH! It was Joe23. Ha, ha. What a fag.
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    I just put out Issue 2 of my quarterly skate mag "Anomaly". Check it ouuuuttt https://www.anomalymag.com/shop/anomaly-issue-2
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    That is usually solder fractures in the video circuit. Almost ever VX that comes in these days has fractures. Just an age thing. Heating and cooling on the boards over all these years causes the solder to become brittle. I rework the area and they're good to go.
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    I like what you tried to do but I feel like there's not enough space on the right side of the frame and he's on the very edge it just feels kinda cramped.
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    I would be hyped to contribute! lets do it. What format would you guys say, SD or HD? It would be cool to get some film shots in there, i have a lot of Super 8 and 16mm i could toss in.
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    Yeah, there was no Instagram (or even iPhones) when SP was really in its prime. There was hardly even YouTube, so this was the best/only place to watch skating. Remember posting videos on blip.tv to be able to play back the original Quicktime files? Or those weird free website hosting sites?
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    Maybe a shot long lens from on top of the boxes may have looked alright. A regular stance trick here would look a lot more options.
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    I think you did alright with what you are working with, but this seems very boring to me. The spot is not that interesting and the skater is so small in the frame. Not really feeling the ass shot either, would be better if he was reg. Maybe a fisheye would have been a better option from the top of the stairs, but then you wouldn't see the drop on the other side. Or even fisheye from the bottom of the stairs, but again it would be another ass shot.
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    That intro was rad ogmike. Very cool part
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    RU sponcerd by brons? But for real, you’ve been killing it man.
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    yee old "vx vs hd" I don't really even wanna explain because its personal preference.
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