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  1. Post your username changes

    Done, keep them coming.
  2. The Flat Earth Video

    Let's be honest, did you watch it more than once? I think that's my hangup with it. But part of me thinks that wasn't really his main concern either. Also, you're old.
  3. Dog Appreciation

    Here's my dog Bill, he's pretty worthless but doesn't bite people so that's good for something.
  4. Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    This was on Provia 100
  5. I feel this video deserves a discussion given the degree of production that went into it given the audience of this site. What are your thoughts on it? I'm still pretty torn. Pros: - Always a Ty Evans fan even if I don't like every last piece of his work, more so in the past few years but I think he's helped push the creative boundaries that at minimum trickles down to dudes that even make your basic vx video - Independent project - everybody that broke themselves off knew that they were gonna get an over-the-top production from Ty and weren't roped into participation via their sponsor. - Self funded... I have a difficult time wrapping my head around how that was possible, especially considering a van and multiple engine failures worked their way into the budget - The skating was pretty insane Cons: - It's re-watchability for me is pretty low... I ordered it and had a few friends over, we watched it once then hit a few select parts again and that was that - Some of the weird imagery scenes went on far beyond how long I thought they would, especially the 360 cam stuff would have been really neat if shrunk down - The transitions were beat to death in Michael Pulizzi's, was impossible to watch again Overall, I'm glad he's still doing what he does
  6. Welcome Back - Read This First

    I find it's easier to not read the old stuff and remember that we all grow as adults and stuff.
  7. Black is amazing with ceramic coating, I’m sold on that stuff. I was looking at just doing a TRD sport, wouldn’t do anything in the tire/wheel dept as I don’t really care about that stuff. I like the idea that it’s a truck that you could easily drive for 20 years. I’ll mull over it for a few months for sure.
  8. They’re the ones that come with the competition package. TBH, I see every other color but no black F80’s. (Audi’s are a different story) Why do you think I’d hate a Tacoma? Or is it that I’d hate stepping down? The easy transition plan is to sell it, drive my fiancé’s wastebin jetta for a month and then everything feels nice.
  9. What photo stuff happened while SP was away?

    Shit, you're right... I'm sure the Mo Naked Hoes things came from Jordan Lewis circa 2008. Probably time to switch it up.
  10. Is the Hpx170/Xtreme better than the V1000,2000, & 2100 mk1?

    I finally sold my vx in August after having it for god knows how long. I'm still sold on how perfect that setup is for skating; however, logging footage, servicing and the dongle/cable hell you have to go through just to capture on a modern mac is a bit of a pain. Personally, if I were to get back into filming I would go the HPX route and use this fisheye... reproduces the classic image very well and still maintains usefulness. https://boysofsummervideo.com/products/century-optics-mk2
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    PeteH is all in on the Harvest Roots farm stuff. I follow it although I rarely ever have any idea of what they're talking about. But they appear to be very successful doing something they're super passionate about... which I deem as the definition of success. MF Timmy is killing it doing Tattoos, from what I can tell, he's completely detached from skating but still doing awesome. Everybody is growing up
  12. Reviving this thread... Can't say I'm much of a "car guy" anymore.. I've had this thing for a year but will probably end up selling it in the spring and getting something useful like a Tacoma so I can do smart things financially for a few years. Definitely fun as hell to drive. Had the whole thing ceramic coated so it stays looking brand new all the time, rain just washes everything right off.
  13. Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    It would be amazing to see this thing take a full trip that spanned 18 years.
  14. Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    I agree, I was pretty limited to the shape of the rail and where it came down to pretty much one spot. I definitely could have shopped around better but really wanted to milk the hassyfish.
  15. In Depth: Cloud Storage for Photographers and Filmers

    Excellent post, clearly you researched these in extreme detail. I had no idea Google Drive compressed photos... I'm only using my 1tb account for a backup repository for my archive of skate videos (the list is getting pretty solid) Also had no idea that Prime had cloud storage, it's painfully apparent that there's not much that Amazon doesn't do.