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  1. SteveLaClair

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    Keep it coming dude. I have a broken external drive that would be full of SP gems that I need to get working again.
  2. SteveLaClair

    Post your username changes

    Sorry for the delay.
  3. I've never had a problem with mine falling out... Even better to have music on the apple watch so you don't even have to have your phone around.
  4. SteveLaClair

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    Keep posting and replying, it's the only way the place gets going again (although it'll never reach 2005-2010 popularity)
  5. RU sponcerd by brons? But for real, you’ve been killing it man.
  6. Black.. I was able to work 3 dealerships against each other and get one for under MSRP (which I read isn't easy), they're estimating I'll have it in 4 weeks or so. Durham had a white one on the floor but they weren't budging on the $2k of markup.
  7. Nice! $10 says the 911 gives you less problems than the Cooper.
  8. SteveLaClair

    Post your username changes

    No prob, sent.
  9. SteveLaClair

    What the hell have you been up to?

    haha no, that died a long time ago. The interest never really picked up. PS: It's okay to sell out, eventually we all do.
  10. SteveLaClair

    Post your username changes

    Done, keep them coming.
  11. SteveLaClair

    The Flat Earth Video

    Let's be honest, did you watch it more than once? I think that's my hangup with it. But part of me thinks that wasn't really his main concern either. Also, you're old.
  12. SteveLaClair

    Dog Appreciation

    Here's my dog Bill, he's pretty worthless but doesn't bite people so that's good for something.