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  1. SteveLaClair

    Boondoggle Throw Away Montage No. 11

    Such a damn good video. Was psyched to see you guys are doing a 10 year party for it. Hopefully there's plenty of raging in CJ's honor.
  2. I have access to the SP IG & FB accounts (they weren't originally created by me), I'd be happy to share whatever
  3. SteveLaClair

    VX1000 history.

    I had a phone conversation with him once for probably 30-45min, seemed like a super cool dude... Intelligent and all of that, which I believe is still taboo in skateboarding.
  4. SteveLaClair

    VX1000 history.

    It was an awesome read and I'm glad they gave you guys the proper credit (although the magnitude was understated in my opinion) Here's the article for the lazy ones: http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2018/07/13/tracing-history-skateboardings-most-famous-camera/
  5. SteveLaClair

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    Big things Mike! When I first saw this I had automatically assumed it was a Blabac shot as he had recently been in Philly. My damn jaw dropped when I saw who shot the cover. Well done sir.
  6. SteveLaClair

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    Keep it coming dude. I have a broken external drive that would be full of SP gems that I need to get working again.
  7. SteveLaClair

    Post your username changes

    Sorry for the delay.
  8. I've never had a problem with mine falling out... Even better to have music on the apple watch so you don't even have to have your phone around.
  9. SteveLaClair

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    Keep posting and replying, it's the only way the place gets going again (although it'll never reach 2005-2010 popularity)
  10. RU sponcerd by brons? But for real, you’ve been killing it man.
  11. Black.. I was able to work 3 dealerships against each other and get one for under MSRP (which I read isn't easy), they're estimating I'll have it in 4 weeks or so. Durham had a white one on the floor but they weren't budging on the $2k of markup.
  12. Nice! $10 says the 911 gives you less problems than the Cooper.
  13. SteveLaClair

    Post your username changes

    No prob, sent.