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  2. thekid

    the best part

    to be creative and for fun because thats all i do oh i skate but when i skate with this little kid seth i just like to film because its just siiiick i wish i was his filmer
  3. thekid

    Khoi Footage

  4. thekid

    first try

    it was cool just wanted to see more skating less backwards rewinding
  5. thekid

    Over Night Super Stars?

    i just turn the volume down if i dont like the song oh yeah bs5050 at the end was nice
  6. thekid

    Fs Flip vs. Dorm Gap

    yeah im not feeling the text anymore but that sucks i had a shitty day on a 3!! haha i need 20 bucks now imma take cans and get me a board
  7. thekid

    GL, or VX1?

    No lol. haha thats funny , i thought it was goooood ... yeah get a gl1 blah blah err haha jk did you decide briggsO i wanna know damnit hehe
  8. thekid

    GL, or VX1?

    well you can look at peoples footy with a vx1000 and a gl1 and decide i have uncompressed gl1 footy and you can ask someone to send ya uncompressed vx1000 footy
  9. thekid

    GL, or VX1?

    what i said happened lol
  10. thekid

    GL, or VX1?

    just because your a big 3 chipper balla lol
  11. thekid

    GL, or VX1?

    lol this question has been asked for ages just pick which one looks "cooler" lol nah but look at the specs and think about it long and hard because all the vx users will say vx and gl users will say gl so you have to decide
  12. you should make a link to digitalskate and say a site like this but lacks updates ....lol i have insomnia haha if you look at most my post there at 3 4 5 clock in the morning
  13. ahh i cant wait i cant sleep because of it during the day my head thinks spotlight who ahhh oooo eeee
  14. hey i just noticed lucas took the link to shumways down a site like this one but not quite lol haha i can write an article on how cool i am lol j/k i cant probably write one when i think of somethin Edit: im on the edge of my seat waiting for the spotlight haha
  15. is there anything else you need revews for because i can do somethin im home all day till like friday when i go get a board