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  1. Canon 40D (only 13k acutations) 350 shipped Canon 28-105 f/3.5-4.5. Theres a scratch on the front element that doesnt affect the picture quality, I can send you 100% crops if you're concerned. 100 shipped Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens is basically brand new. 80 shipped Nikon SB-24, has a hole for a homemade battery pack on the door. 50 shipped Dont have pictures of the bags but: 15 shipped for the Lowepro Adventura 120 75 shipped for the Tamarac Speedpack 85 backpack. Laptop zipper is broken (or atleast very stuck). If you buy more than one item, I'm more than happy to cut you a deal.
  2. For sale is a Nikon Speedlight SB-24. The flash is pretty rough cosmetically --afterall its 6 years old. That being said, I am the second owner of the flash and I personally never used it for skating. In all honesty, its mostly sat in my bag since buying it three years ago. The flash does have a hole in the battery door, not from damage but from installing a diy battery pack. Also, the flash sometimes falls asleap and needs to have the test button hit to wake it up; its never been a problem for me and I've never missed a shot because of it but I wanted to mention it in the name of full disclosure. I've been here for quite a bit and have alot of vouches, if you have any doubt. 50 shipped OBO
  3. Florko

    Tamarac Speed Pack And Macbook Charger

    Charger is sold. Bump for the bag. Shoot me an offer.
  4. I've been off SP for quite a while, but used to sell very regularly.If you need vouches, I can provide numerous. First is a Tamarac 3385 Aero Speed Pack 85. This is a unique pack in that it works as a front loading backpack, but also has a side patch for slingshot access and an integrated laptop sleve that holds up to a 17 inch laptop. Bag is VERY well reviewed (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/584104-REG/Tamrac_338501_3385_Aero_Speed_Pack.html) Goes for 150 + shipping new, mine has a little problem with the zipper on the laptop section (only one moves, but the zipper can close nearly perfectly regardless), so I'll let it go for 120 shipped (OBO). Second is an Apple charger. This has been used for maybe 2 months, but then my macbook broke. No original packaging, only comes with the long cord --do not have the short 2 prong adapter. 25 shipped obo.
  5. So, I've been on SP for quite a few years now on and off and never really met up with anyone... I'm new to Paris, living in the 17th. I shoot photos quiet often, though little has to do with skateboarding (also haven't bought or rode a skateboard in like 2 years --though I try to stay connected to everything). If anyone is down to hang out let me know!
  6. Florko

    Wtb: Canon 40d Body

    Hey everyone, I want a Canon 40D, I can easily get one for 475 on ebay. Anyone here have one for sale? Will paypal money by Monday, if we can make a deal.
  7. Florko

    60d Filming Setup

    PM me a general price for the body only.
  8. Florko

    Rebel Xt W/ Battery Grip

    Pics added bump!
  9. Florko

    Rebel Xt W/ Battery Grip

    Price too high? Make me an offer! I want to upgrade, I'll let this go for cheap!
  10. Looking to sell my Canon Rebel XT. Bought it new when it came out, never had a single problem. It comes with all the original accessories, the 18-55 kit lens, and I'll throw in a Targus Battery Grip, which makes the camera feel even more comfortable. Pictures upon request! 325 shipped.
  11. I have an AT&T 32gb Iphone 3GS with a dead network card, which prevents it from picking up the AT&T network, yet is still fully functional on wifi, and works exactly like an iPod touch, however, now that I dont need the phone, I rather have more space for music. Looks to trade for a classic, maybe plus cash on someones end depending on the ipod. If you want to just buy mine, or sell me something, let me know.
  12. Florko

    Canon 430ex

    Interested in an sb-24?
  13. I'm thinking of going Nikon and picking up a D90. So, FOR SALE: Canon Rebel XT in box w/ Kit Lens and Targus Battery Grip Canon 50mm f/ 1.8 in box Canon 28-105 F/3.5-4.5 Also for sale: Yashica Electro 35 GSN. Unfortunately the shutter has a problem, who wants to take on a project? Finally, Used 250 GB Western Digital My Book. Has never had a problem, but just bought a TB and dont need this anymore. Also, 250 GB internal 2.5 inch hard drive. To be honest, I'm not too sure which drive it is...its whatever comes standard in the MacBook Pro unibodies. I can find out specs if anyone is interested. Also, this can come with an external casing, for use as an external harddrive. Also switching because I upgraded to a TB. Everything here has NEVER had a problem mechanically and all looks great cosmetically. The only thing bought used here was the 28-105 and that was bought off KEH. The 50mm is literally 2 months old and bought new from B&H. I wont sell any of the lenses until the body is gone. Also, because this is all going to a D90, I will not trade for anything besides Nikon glass, or a D90 (if someone miraculously has one and wants to trade + cash on my end). Make offers. If you need vouches, I have many. Pictures upon request.