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  1. PUBG

    "more fun" lol i dont rock with the cartoony shit, fortnite is pretty corny, its about who can build faster, rather than shooting i feel like. If I wanted to shoot like that I would play h1z1. FLstrange hacking yes obviously sucks but its been cut down quite dramatically in the past updates. lol stoessel when you playing with someone with a controller and not keyboard/mouse, its crazy how unfair that is. add me on epic my username for fortnite is fakeguccibelt
  2. PUBG

    who playin on PC?
  3. kinda random but i filmed this part while sp was down i think
  4. Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    the crook is cool but you went too hard on the burning in the sky, and you clearly just brushed around the skater, like i can totally see where you just didn't hit it, learn how to make a complex selection and quick mask around him and match the sky behind the skater with the rest of the burn.
  5. 5050 and Backside Nosegrind

    is this man 5050'ing that thing from flat? if so thats wild
  6. Anomaly Issue 1

    red flick is fucking sick
  7. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  8. Random Photo Discussion

    john kim moved to japan i think or korea
  9. Sony Nex-vg30/camcorders In 2016

    everybody i know uses hpx/extreme like everybody except me i got that iphone 6s and an olloclip boiiiiiiii
  10. they asked me for any photos i had of carroll chilling to use in it, i didnt have any and regret it lol didnt know what the interview was about til today.
  11. Fakie Flip

    yea that 2nd angle is nicer but yea that first one unfortunately if he landed it or not, it just doesnt look like he did and thats important.
  12. Fakie Flip

    just definietly does not seem like a land.
  13. How To 4:3 Hd?

    lol not how it works ^ the quality of the footage in general is just better and is the same res at VX footage but there are people who are filming in 1080 on full frame at 8-10mm and cropping the footage 4:3 out of the 16:9 to get it
  14. Jimi Hendrix Tribute

    hahahah you did a decent job, i sarcastically said that because the time it would take to get rid of it just wouldnt be worth it for something like this but hey if you are looking for practice you found it. the black marble inbetween his legs would have blended a little better if you had gotten rid of the white on the edge of the layer. you also chopped the whole top right corner of the amp, you can find small ways to alter texture to not make it look like the same repeating pattern also.