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  1. SpencerInEmerica

    Eazy Handle V2 For Sale

  2. SpencerInEmerica

    Better Luck Next Time

    Going to try and premier this winter but injuries and other set backs won't stop happening so we'll see. The end sucks but whatever
  3. music by Clams Casino vx2100/mk1 no cc except on the last clip
  4. http://youtu.be/Fuz7vAPP_t0 featuring Amani Newring, Justin Laganson, and Will Lyons Chief Keef - Love Sosa
  5. Local Cleveland streetwear/skatebrand I film for put my friend Amani Newring on the team and I threw together a little commercial for them
  6. SpencerInEmerica

    Empty Room Throwaway

    footage from summer so far that we aren't keeping. http://youtu.be/-Ntw0rLO2X0 Featuring: Mike Freiberg, Nick Levi, Justin Laganson, Spencer Burdock, Amani Newring, Nick Brazee, Dylan Dombrowski, Rob Gregor, Matt Crouse, Isaac Bixel, Brett Foltrauer. Film/edit: Spencer Burdock Song: Arcade Fire - Empty Room
  7. Alright, so I'm trying to go through the normal process of making a ramped slomo but whenever I tried to import footage, export it after making the slomo; anything its just flashes all these weird glitches. When I play the footage in quicktime it is fine and when I tried to re-export from final cut it still fucks up. Anyone know what's going on? this is what I see.. sometimes the thumbnail from what I import is a glitched frame too.. I feel like the application got messed up some how..
  8. Justin Laganson's welcome to Lame Brotherhood Clothing filmed / edited: Spencer Burdock music produced by: @JoeHessBeats http://www.halluworld.com First time I've ever done anything for a company, let me know what you think.
  9. filmed in a little over an hour.
  10. SpencerInEmerica

    Hvx200a Xtremefisheye Setup

    vx2100 mk1 scared?! bayo trade? pm me if interested.
  11. SpencerInEmerica


  12. SpencerInEmerica

    Fine Skate Thread

    moar GT corner air to pillar
  13. footage from the summer I put together real quick. Forgot my filming board so the lines are shakey and you can hear some flat spots. yea.