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  1. viva la revolucion

    Old Member - Looking For Video

    of course it was thrashskate. they were killing it at that time. fuck, nostalgia. thank you.
  2. viva la revolucion

    Old Member - Looking For Video

    can't believe that site still works. thanks!
  3. So I used to frequent the forums way back way too long ago (we're talking pre-2010 - don't know how I figured out my password). I am looking for a montage a dude made that was created as a memorial for a friend who died. The song was Coldplay - Fix You, and a large part of it was taken up by bombing hills and shit like that. There was a voice over saying "we do it for the love of it, the rush of it, we do it for those who can't do it anymore" or something like that. It was super emotional and rad. I would love to find and watch it/download it if anyone here has been here long enough to have it/reupload it/point me to it. HALP.
  4. viva la revolucion

    Need A Camera For Non Skateboarding Filming

    So I haven't posted on this board in years and years, and I don't really skate anymore. I am however looking to buy a camera for filming shows (with very loud bands and very low lighting usually). My first thoughts (using my knowledge from filming skating back in the day and lurking here) were to get a vx2100 since it's low light capability is 1 lux, the lowest of any camera when I was paying attention to this kind of shit. Is that still the best option? I'm planning to use an external mic and don't want to spend more than $500-600. A friend is selling a vx2100 with a raynox fisheye and broken mic for $450. Is that worth it? Should I consider a DSLR? I've seen a bunch of people talking about the t2i. How does it do with lowlight? Does it have a mic input? Any help is appreciated.
  5. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    not talking down on track bars. talking down on people riding track bars like they are 2 inch long risers.
  6. viva la revolucion


    i sleep with a wooden bat next to my bed in arms reach, but thats because i live next to the projects and shit is sketchy. 2 people got shot up a few weeks ago there.
  7. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    Yeah i can't stand when people ride drops like flat bars. its god damned pointless. some people even go so far as to put bar tape only on the top near the stem. so ridiculous. I'm really used to riding with my hands on the brake hoods of road drops, its the most comfortable position for me so i put some old road drops from a vintage schwinn with the brake levers/hoods still on it. So much better than the flat bars that were on the bike when i bought it.
  8. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    i finally put road drops on my fixed gear. i rode with a flat bar for like 3 months and fucking hated it.
  9. viva la revolucion

    Cold Showers

    I can't easily change the temp while i'm in the shower because the handles you turn are outside the shower thanks to my lazy landlord, and i have a door on the shower, not a curtain.
  10. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    bought an old schwinn road bike for 25 bucks today. gonna convert and restore that fucker
  11. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    is that a cyclocross bike or are you just insane?
  12. viva la revolucion

    Ok I Been Waitin To Do This....

    definitely was real and definitely was hilarious.
  13. viva la revolucion

    Ok I Been Waitin To Do This....

    member number 104 nigga YAE YAE
  14. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    take it from me, it fucking sucks.
  15. viva la revolucion

    Green Day

    the song american idiot is a rip off of a Dillinger Four song.