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  1. viva la revolucion

    Wub Tour Video 08

    How long was the amount of time this was filmed over?
  2. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    Picking this up later today. Yeah I'm a hypocrite for talking shit before.
  3. viva la revolucion

    This Is Hardcore Fest 09

    Jesus christ 5950s, basketball shorts, and windmills galore.
  4. viva la revolucion

    C U M O N A N I N D I A N F O R F R E E

    mo naked hoes was indeed sp original content. Someone had the one that said PO-TA-TOES and said it looked more like mo naked hoes and it went from there
  5. viva la revolucion

    Hows Your News?

    Most of you don't get it at all. Its not exploitation, the people in the show are the one's who's idea it was. They've been doing it for a while before MTV picked it up and made it a show. They even have their own band that travels around and plays shows. They're trying to make their disabilities less of a cultural faux pas and they're making fun of the general public for feeling uncomfortable around them. I personally love that they're all doing it and I think its god damn hilarious and the people on the show are geniuses for some of the shit they do.
  6. viva la revolucion

    C U M O N A N I N D I A N F O R F R E E

    My favorite thread of all time of any forum is the Andy Snyder is gay thread from dsn. Shit was epix lulz
  7. viva la revolucion

    Guitar Players Converge

    my amp. randall rg80es with matching 2x12 cab. its the amp that dimebag darrel used in the 80s apparently. and i play with a squier tele custom(the one with humbuckers) and sometimes a boss ds-1
  8. viva la revolucion

    The Bicycle Thread

    That frame looks tiny, what size is it?
  9. viva la revolucion


    FSU sucks, straight edge sucks, fighting at shows sucks, toughguy hardcore sucks. /thread
  10. viva la revolucion


    I wouldn't back my family if they were nazis, even if they used to protect me from bullies.
  11. viva la revolucion


    You just said you backed them. Just because they started out with something that didn't suck doesn't mean it isn't retarded and a huge negative influence on the scene now. Germany was a decent country for a little while before Hitler took power. I don't back Hitler for being the leader of a once-decent country. FSU sucks.
  12. viva la revolucion


    F.S.U. is not all straight edge, or wasn't at the beginning. They're fucking stupid regardless.
  13. viva la revolucion

    Extreme Sunburn

    No, I'm not. But I'm in college and I'm smart enough to know that countries don't improve because someone just tells the population to "quit fucking up and get your shit together". If you had been in the real world outside of your school and your parent's house you would be able to grasp the fact that societies do not just all of a sudden change because the rest of the world thinks that their culture is wrong and outdated.
  14. viva la revolucion

    Extreme Sunburn

    Yes it's fucked, but it is not the fault of the bulk of the indigenous people who live there.
  15. viva la revolucion

    Against Me!

    Just like everyone else said: old stuff. I used to be obsessed with this band. Not so much anymore, but at Harvest of Hope fest they played a really good set of almost all old songs. It was really nostalgic for me.
  16. viva la revolucion

    Extreme Sunburn

    Dude is talking about unification of a fucking continent bigger than the united states and europe combined.
  17. viva la revolucion

    Extreme Sunburn

    Are you saying Africa is a country now? If so you're even more stupid than I originally thought.
  18. viva la revolucion

    Extreme Sunburn

    Jesus fucking christ do you have any concept of how the world works?
  19. viva la revolucion

    Extreme Sunburn

    You people who have replied are all really fucking racist. You also really expose yourselves as being typical high school white kids. Grow up.
  20. viva la revolucion

    All You King Cobra Niggas

    King Cobra fucking rules, but this video isn't funny.
  21. viva la revolucion

    Post Your Setup

    I play: Randall rg80es with matching 2x12 cab with celestion g12m70s(i think). I got it for 200 bucks and it rules. And I play a squier telecaster custom. guitar. What do you play?
  22. viva la revolucion

    Food In Your Freezer Appreesh

    a $0.67 bag of french fries, a 3 month old ice cream cake, two tina's burritos(not good), some morningstar corn dogs college suckz
  23. viva la revolucion

    The Cat Abuser

    I was exaggerating
  24. viva la revolucion

    The Cat Abuser

    Are you serious? It's a completely different thing to see a defenseless cat cowering in pain crying then shit like that.