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    Tesla Is Alive And Well

    You're wrong. Sound/radio waves are a result of energy acting upon matter that is already there. It's not matter itself. Light isn't matter either, depending on how you look at it. "Einstein found that mass can be transformed into energy, and energy into mass. Gravity sees no difference between mass and energy, so something can feel gravity because it has mass or because it has energy, or both. If something goes faster, then it has more energy, which corresponds to more mass, so you could say that the mass of something has two parts: one that is due to the extra energy that the thing has (such as energy of speed [kinetic energy] or heat − there are still more of them), and one that remains if you remove all of the extra energy (which means that the thing doesn't move at all and is as cold as it can be). That last part of the mass is called the rest mass: the mass that the thing would have if it were completely at rest. The rest mass does not depend on the state of the thing (on its speed or temperature, for example). For example, the rest mass of all electrons is the same, so you can put that in a table in a book. The "mass-with-all-energy-taken-into-account" is different for each electron, and can be different from one moment to the next, so you cannot put that one in a table in a book. If physicists or astronomers talk about mass, then they usually mean the rest mass. It turns out that matter has (non-zero) rest mass, but light does not. If you take all extra energy out of light, then nothing at all remains. When you ask a physicist or astronomer if light has mass, then they can answer "no" if they mean rest mass, or "yes" if they take the extra energy into account. Light and matter are the same in some respects (for example, both of them notice gravity), but are different in other respects. For example, light can easily travel through a piece of glass without bothering the glass, but matter cannot do that. So, it is still useful (even for scientists) to distinguish between light and matter. Things such as light that have no rest mass cannot be put on a scale to be weighed, so they have no weight (but they do have mass, if you take the energy into account). Mass and weight are not the same. You don't feel weight when you're floating freely in space, but you then still have mass, otherwise the force of gravity would not keep pulling you down and/or keep changing the direction of your movement"
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    The Cat Abuser

    I only support the death penalty when it applies to animal abusers. He deserves to die a painful death, you know this isn't the first time he's done it to an animal.
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    Dumbest Reason For Getting Grounded

    When I was 12 I got grounded for lying about the fact that I spilled orange drink on the couch cushion and turned it over so my parents wouldn't notice. I couldn't play N64 for a fucking month. IT WAS SO UNFAIR.... :goldenwub:
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    The Bicycle Thread

    Those professionals ride fixed gears for reasons that are specific to them. I'm talking people who ride fixed gear bikes in hilly areas as a mode of transportation, that shit is just stupid. hauling ass through intersections because you can't stop fully is fucking stupid, and you're never gonna convince me that skid-stopping is reliable enough. It's not about the uphill thing, in fact I generally use a high gear when pedaling uphill to keep pace and because I hate riding in low gear.
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    The Bicycle Thread

    I don't ride a fixed gear, because unless you live in a flat place, it's fucking stupid.
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    You can't just come waltzing in here, say your hello's and then just jet out without e-hugz from all the OGs. Damn. edit: oh yeah I seen you on aim every once in a while. fux.
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    Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

    Conan was, is, and always will be the only late-night television host worth watching. God. Fuck Jimmy Fallon.
  8. viva la revolucion

    Who Likes Riding Bikes

    80's Nishiki International. It's a little big for me but I love it so far.
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    I'm Fucked

    No one cares. Seriously.
  10. viva la revolucion

    I'm Fucked

    Yeah. Every couple of weeks one of these threads pops up of some kid who got caught doing something stupid and looking for ways out. You acted like an idiot. You're gonna go to court, they're gonna make you feel stupid for doing it, and then give you community service/probation. It's not like you killed someone or got a DUI or something. Chill out.
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    asheville is pretty mediocre
  12. viva la revolucion

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    GTFO Also thank you for making the first thread worth posting in, in at least a year.
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    I live here. Sucks.
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  15. viva la revolucion

    What Did You Get For Christmas Thread

    My moms and I picked this baby up yesterday. Nishiki International. [img]http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/d/243192-2/1984%20Nishiki%20International.jpg[/img] except it's beige and doesn't have fenders+rack+bar end shifters. It has downtube shifters instead. I've got a few small things under the tree. I got my dad golf balls, my mom chocolate truffles and some warm gloves, and my sisters' each got either the stuffonmycat book or wet cats by stuffonmycat.
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    Post Your Cookin

    I make pretty good vegetarian chili and spaghetti. That's about all I fully prepare regularly.
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    Shoes Thrown At Bush, Lol.

    Throwing your shoes is a fucking hilarious and awesome protest, as was Bush's response to it. "all I can report is a size 10" So good.
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    What Do You Usually Order

    Fuckkk yeah. I'm debating saying fuck studying for finals and gorging myself on beans cheese sauce and tortillas
  19. viva la revolucion

    What Do You Usually Order

    Half the reason I was able to become vegetarian is that i reassured myself I could still foster my fast food addiction thanks to taco bell. 2-3 bean soft tacos+cheesy fiesta potatoes+lots of fire sauce on all of it or 2 chalupas sub beans for beef, lots of fire sauce or 3-4 bean burritos, no onions, lots of fire. Also- taco bell is the best fucking fast food place to go hungover. Hands down. It's a tradition for me and my friends.
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    The Clash

    Protex Blue. The end.
  21. viva la revolucion

    Ever Had A Girlfriend Break Something?

    I pull that trick all the time. It always used to get my mom.
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  23. viva la revolucion

    So What Do You Do Other Than Skateboard?

    I play guitar/do vocals in a crust/powerviolence band, ride my bike, snowboard, go to school way too fucking much, eat pizza, drink a lot of beer and yell at girls. and that's pretty much it. the most i've skated in the past 4 months is i did a kickflip and and nollie heel both first try in my old school vans about a month ago and was like woah, i should start skating again, but then i didn't. and then it got cold.
  24. viva la revolucion

    Who Likes Riding Bikes

    I'm gonna buy an old road bike in the next month or so. Right now I ride an old shitty mountain bike with wobbly ass wheels and barely any brakes. Shit sucks.