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  1. Era's. Technically skate shoes but I wouldn't skate in canvas shoes. i have an old pair of Emerica the boss's for skating.
  2. viva la revolucion

    Its Not Even October

    beer helmet.
  3. viva la revolucion

    Ot: Boy Meets World

    I'm not partial to either one, but the new body styling on the new generation Impreza/STI is horrible. The new lancer/evos are ok.
  4. viva la revolucion

    Ot: Boy Meets World

    Evo MR's have 6 speed. Both have all wheel drive. Stock evos beat STI's every time off the line. You are wrong on every front.
  5. viva la revolucion

    Transferring Colleges

    You'll have to get your GED first or you wont be able to transfer to a 4 year school, and most likely, after you get your ged you'll have to take 2 years worth of classes at the CC and get your associates' before you can transfer to a 4 year.
  6. viva la revolucion

    Just Friends

    The friend-zone is seriously middle school bullshit. Take the first guy that replied's advice. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And for christ's sake don't have the heart-felt "I'm in love with you" bullshit conversation. It DOESN'T work in the real world, outside of movies. That will instantly cement your place in the friend-zone. When you get older you'll meet girls who are mature enough not to fuck around with guys like this, and those are the ones you have to go for, not some needy bitch who takes you for what you offer and never gives back. That shit is weak.
  7. viva la revolucion

    Good Morning

    I'm on my hour and half break between classes. fucking sucks. I just have to sit in the student union and fuck around on my computer and eat shitty food. College fucking sucks.
  8. viva la revolucion

    Ew X 1000000

    Normally that wouldn't bother me, but I'm hungover as shit and as soon as the second wave of pus came out i had to run to the bathroom and puke. Christ that's awesome.
  9. viva la revolucion

    Am I Supposed

    Haha fuck yeah. My name on there was even dumber than this one.
  10. viva la revolucion

    Am I Supposed

    Up until about late 05 sp had a much more welcoming community feel, because there weren't all that many users. This slowly deteriorated with shit talking, trolling, and general e-drama. If you are an old enough member to remember steve's original name(and not because someone told you) or who jimHAMMERSgreco is, I consider you OG. This doesn't include many of you.
  11. viva la revolucion

    Balled On.

    god=love amirite?
  12. viva la revolucion

    Balled On.

    Nobody is on death row "for a couple of years" It takes almost a lifetime to get someone executed nowadays.
  13. viva la revolucion

    Balled On.

    No, we didn't immediately enter the war when pearl harbor was bombed. The reason we entered the war was because of obligations and debts to Britain. Seriously study world history before you fucking argue about it.
  14. viva la revolucion

    Balled On.

    If you knew anything about world history you would know that there has never been a war fought by the united states for ideological reasons. Get a grip.
  15. viva la revolucion

    Some Terminator Shit Right Here

    that shit scares the piss out of me.
  16. viva la revolucion

    Post Your Home/room Whatever

    [quote name='SteveLaClair' post='2622310' date='Sep 11 2008, 11:43 AM']Nah I wish it was in Raleigh... but it's in Fayetteville so it was probably 1/3rd cheaper.[/quote] Weird. My apartment when I first moved in. dining room [img]http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii109/homogenizeme/Photo91.jpg[/img] stove [img]http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii109/homogenizeme/Photo92.jpg[/img] fridge [img]http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii109/homogenizeme/Photo93.jpg[/img] Living room 1 [img]http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii109/homogenizeme/Photo90.jpg[/img] Living room 2 [img]http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii109/homogenizeme/Photo89.jpg[/img] bedroom [img]http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v332/182/118/1177125892/n1177125892_30137531_5438.jpg[/img] It's since been cleaned and has a shitload more stuff in it.
  17. viva la revolucion

    Post Your Home/room Whatever

    [quote name='turd.' post='2512239' date='Jul 27 2008, 03:40 AM']Mine and Steve's new house... [img]http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb27/amajano/kitchen.jpg[/img] kitchen [img]http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb27/amajano/kitchen2.jpg[/img] kitchen [img]http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb27/amajano/breakfast.jpg[/img] and our living room/backyard view.. golf course/pond hole 5 the upstairs has 2 rooms and a bathroom..i didnt post our bedroom which is downstairs..[/quote] Hold the phone, steve do you guys live in a townhouse in a complex in the Raleigh area? That looks JUST like the townhouse my parents just moved into
  18. viva la revolucion

    Last Thing You Bought

    I bought stuff to make vegan chili. Fucking good. I'm gonna regret it 30 minutes from now when I'm ripping ass and can't sleep.
  19. viva la revolucion

    Free Trucks

    I highly doubt it. No warranty/guarantee really covers that kind of stuff.
  20. viva la revolucion

    Marshall Guitar Amp For Sale

    Kinda a shot in the dark but I'm really getting desperate. Marshall g80rcd. Solid state amp with 2 footswitchable channels and 2 different modes on each channel. Footswitchable reverb. 1x12" mg series speaker. 80 watts with 8 ohm speaker(the stock speaker is 8 ohm) or 100 watts if used with a 4 ohm extension cabinet. A few cuts in the tolex, but in fairly good shape. picture is not my amp but the same model. Comes with footswitch $200. Not picture of actual amp, just one i found online of the same model.
  21. viva la revolucion

    Have You Everrr....

    The trick is to make her laugh about it, if you can't do that, then she's fucking stupid and not worth it.
  22. viva la revolucion

    I'm Fucking Pissed Off

    Those don't look legit at all. They look like they would rip in 2 days of skating