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  1. left left

    Skate Perceptions Top Shots

    oh man i feel so cool doing this. by ZanderT
  2. left left

    Tour De Camera

    man i never looked at this thread till just now. this is amazing. i would have loved to get in on this. this is such a good idea and i cant wait to see what comes out.
  3. im kewl. i comment myself. because no one likes me. im not popular on the internet yet.

  4. i have several alter egos. yea.
  5. omshizz sormaz's avatar. i can watch it for days.
  6. left left

    Favorite Things

    crisp new deck, broken in shoes, lying down after a huge poop.
  7. left left

    Johan Stuckey

    the nosegrind at the end was sick
  8. left left

    Beginner Questions

    im getting a peleng 3.5/8mm fisheye for my d50. all i would need is just the nikon mount right?