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  1. Utilsk8r

    Missed This Place

    Im stoked SP is back as well. And I always dug your work, sick to see your still shooting.
  2. Damn, Im so stoked. Excited to post things I've been up to and see what everyone else has been doing.
  3. Utilsk8r

    Random Photo Discussion

    Is there any type of Facebook group for selling video cameras, fisheyes etc? Really need an Xtreme fish for my Hpx and I'm striking out, b&h is out of stock as well.
  4. Looking for a Xtreme fish & rails for HPX170. Located in CA, CASH READY NO BS. Please email me for quicker response. Dennisacarlson@hotmail.com Thanks
  5. Jesus Christ these fisheyes are like gold. Whenever they are up for sale they sell in 24 hours or there nowhere to be found fuck haha. If you know anyone selling a fisheye please let me know. How much are you asking for 32gb card?
  6. Utilsk8r

    Wtf Xtreme Fish - Hpx170

    As the title says, I have money ready to go thanks. Thanks.
  7. Rodney Cox - Ollie Julian Gault - 5050 I shoot real estate listings for my job, and they bought me this huge flash thats powered by a rechargeable battery. I wanted to try to use it for some skateboarding shots with my speed lights and these are my first test shots with it. Not thrilled on these, and I'm also not to packed with lenses, only have a 17-40 and a 50 1.8, so excuse if these are a bit looser in composition, any suggestions are welcomed.
  8. Utilsk8r

    Konica Hexar Rf

    I have a Ricoh GR (apsc) that I might be willing to trade possibly.
  9. Utilsk8r

    Random Photo Discussion

    Thanks, I just requested to be added.
  10. Utilsk8r

    Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone have an idea where I can sell a summicron lens fairly fast? I need money asap for a HPX setup deal that I don't want to miss out on and this last chunk of money is all I need. Also, went to SF a couple weeks ago and shot like 4 photos, was kinda disappointed in myself but also glad I enjoyed my time instead of hiding behind a camera if that makes sense.
  11. Everything might be sold to local cash buyers. I will report back if sold or still available.
  12. Not trying to split the batteries sorry. Thanks VE for passing the word along. Post has been updated with a link to more photos.
  13. For sale is a Leica Summicron 50mm. *Please excuse the dust, those are spots on the glass/body of the lens! - Lens is in great condition - Aperture clicks are smooth - Paint is in great condition (minus lens cap, which has some knicks) - Focus smooth - Glass is in excellent condition Any questions or concerns shoot me a txt. Dennis 9 oh nine five19 one four thirty 3