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  1. lindsay.

    Dslr Meme

    if you call someone out on facebook with a captioned picture from memegenerator.com you're probably going to be the one laughed at
  2. lindsay.

    Fun Slide Carpet Skatepark

    how good do u have to be 2 skate in the advanced area i can kickflip olley 2 boards (stacked) heelflips and shuv-it (1 foot land) do u think im ready
  3. lindsay.

    Im Back Sp

    What did you dickless fagfucks get for creating this thread? banned
  4. lindsay.

    Summer Plans

    im going to play videos games and masturbate like every other degenerate fuckface on this god forsaken forum
  5. lindsay.


    Played a few rounds of Goldeneye on my friends projector the other day, my skills have decreased greatly over time
  6. So you willingly gave back $15 and you're complaining that the cashier shorted you on change? You should be banned on principal alone, and by that I mean banned from fucking earth.
  7. lindsay.

    Books About Filmmaking

  8. lindsay.

    Books About Filmmaking

    "The Art of Adult Cinematography" by Ty Evans
  9. this ride ain't free, buddy. $5/hour or you need to hop off the Brad Pitt dickriding tram. *please note there will be delays throughout the holiday season on certain routes, accompanied by a fare increase
  10. Teenage Engineering OP-1 I might actually purchase it, depends on it's MSRP though at launch