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  1. Canon 7d

    I will upload some photos tonight and get more info about the snaps!
  2. Canon 7d

    Getting rid of my 7d. I am asking 1600 shipped for the body and canon battery grip. Although it has a grip on it, it will only come with one battery ( i am upgrading to a mkii and they have the same batteries, so im keeping the extra ) This camera is in MINT condition, no scratches or anything. It comes with everything that came in the box when i got it brand new last year from BH. i am NOT looking for trades, ONLY paypal funds. I will have some photos of it this weekend.
  3. Century Mk1

    yea, message my inbox.
  4. Century Mk1

    new price, 600 shipped!
  5. Century Mk1

    as of now still up for sale!
  6. Century Mk1

    pending sale.
  7. Century Mk1

    paypal is the only way i will do it. do you have a paypal? i cant hold onto it, but if i still have it feb 9th than its all yours.
  8. Century Mk1

    hopefully i wont, but i might haha. let me know
  9. Wallie Bump

    say what?
  10. Wallie Bump

  11. Wallie Bump

    yea you guys are right, it is awkward timing. he was just blasting over that cement pyramid in the middle of a parking lot. maybe having him as he was coming off the wall would have been better, theres always next time though. hopefully i will be posting more and improving with each photo.
  12. Wallie Bump

    im pretty excited about this photo, for sure new to photography still and don't get out much to shoot but when i do its mad fun. A friend i haven't seen in a long time was in town so we went out looking for spots. it was originally a hippy jump mission but came home with this photo instead. (hippy jumps look like bails) it was for the best i think. wallie jammin!
  13. Father Beard Portrait

    shot this at my folks house tonight. POPS im super stoked on this. my dad has been cancer free for a year this month and it felt like a great time for a photo.