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  1. GnarGnarNick

    New Shit, Need Crit

    pencil first, ink second, illustrator last
  2. GnarGnarNick

    More Gypsy Women

    this is rework of something i posted a while back, im somewhat pleased with it although the folky feel im looking for is hard to nail. i am aware it 'looks ed hardy', other crit always appreciated
  3. GnarGnarNick


    very sieben
  4. GnarGnarNick

    The Great One

    youre good scorzo, almost looks like a heavily saturated watercolor. super cool
  5. GnarGnarNick

    Two Shirt Designs

    if these were drawn by hand instead of cookie cut vectors theyd be 1000xs better, and the torso shirts are usually ironic or funny
  6. GnarGnarNick

    Darrell Stanton

    rad, really like the texture the tonal stripes give
  7. GnarGnarNick

    Sp Shirts.

    this was from a few years ago, and for some untold reason they backed out. I may have any updated version out in the future/ maybe. design could possibly be up for grabs if anyones interested
  8. GnarGnarNick

    Wu Tat

    youve got to many straight lines, look at the 'shitty ed hardy banner', theres a reason why the design has flow. the design is kind of weak, it lacks movement/power and looks more like a t shirt design. taking out the text and putting the w back to together would clean this up alot.
  9. GnarGnarNick

    Eternal Mind

    the problem with this as a tattoo is all the crucial straight and curved lines, the slightest squiggles will blow it. make sure homie knows what hes doing.id ditch the hooks on the bottom of each letter, its a bit monotonous
  10. GnarGnarNick

    New Paints

    haha ive heard the ed hardy thing a few times, ill take it as a compliment as hardy is like the gonz of tattooing new one edit:new one 2 little jam i did at work out of boredom thanks to this tropical storm
  11. GnarGnarNick

    New Paints

    anidus: i do agree with you on the compostitions but i dont understand the constructive value in the term 'whack'. break it down for me if youd like. scorzo: i considered this when i started painting but then decided to go for a flat un-dynamic look and blew it haha. thanks bro, im the dufus not you. thanks everyone
  12. GnarGnarNick

    New Paints

    some things ive slopped together over the last week, hope yall like. constructive comments always appreciated. a scanner would be useful... disregard glare, over exposure and dirty tile
  13. GnarGnarNick

    7 Moons

    i agree, might try to work the moons into the design more with some filler, jsut dont want to fuck it up haha. i noticed the face too, think the left eye is a little to far left, thanks bro
  14. GnarGnarNick

    7 Moons

    thanks guys. haha well it is a tattoo design, i apprentice at a shop and made this for a friend to get tattooed
  15. GnarGnarNick

    7 Moons

    a little watercolor jam i made over the last few days. critique always appreciated