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  1. tats

    Random Photo Discussion

    But are we really? Seems like no one is really posting. Should we get a project going or something? any ideas on how to get us motivated back here?
  2. tats

    random stuff

    What you shoot this on?
  3. tats

    Threat Level Awesome

    Yeah, I felt like there was not much to focus on. Loved the 2nd tho. lines are clean
  4. tats

    Snow & Florida

    Snow in unsuspecting PNW is always wild. Did you get any shots outside with the snow? What you go back to speak to your school for?
  5. tats

    Trips coming up?

    Dude, I hope you make a book when all said and done. I'm so pumped to see your stuff when you get back!
  6. tats

    Random Photo Discussion

    Has anyone here taught phtography, in a course or in school or for kids or something?
  7. tats

    Trips coming up?

    K well I went to Chile. It was super rad, but I realized now that I have a kid, its harder to find time to just go out and explore and get a feel of the city your in. We went to a bunch of epic places, and every time I wondered why there are no skaters there. So many citys are cool with skateboarding/amazing spots (sometimes pretty crusty). Went to a couple skateparks that were not that fun. Santiago street is so sick tho. I'd love to take some people around one day and film and skate. Also, if your traveling to Chile, They don't let you have a skateboard in the airport past security. That was such a mess, just like Korea(flying in or out). So just bring a board and trucks, but don't have a set up with you when your in the airport (on the way out).
  8. tats


    LOL get on something more fun. Fortnite, LOL or Overwatch
  9. tats

    Random Photo Discussion

    Wuddya think about baby photos? Y'all with kids, and y'all without
  10. tats

    My baby

    I'm not sure where I heard it, but I remember hearing how Steve Olson had a photo of Alex at birth. Alex thought it was wired and Steve thought it was special. While my wife and I were preparing our "go bags" for when she goes into labour, I kinda thought it was weird to bring a camera with me because this is the peak of humanity. Eventually decided to bring a camera and shoot MF. The only photo I could meter correctly and focus because I was so nervous came out pretty wild. The photo itself is dusty and dirty, but that's how having a child is. Bonus: here she is today. Shot Digi. Pixel 2.
  11. tats

    Moar fotos plz

    gawwwddd that second photo!
  12. tats

    Missed This Place

    Yeah, loved seeing your work in FL. hyped on the composition of the 1st one. Looks like the shadow is the trunk of the tree, and the branches are the vines on the wall. SIC. I'm not sure if it's me, but I think the house is crooked?
  13. tats

    VX1 Audio

    Never really thought of this, but has anyone ever tried to replicate a VX audio setup? like what kind of dampener does it use, why does it sound so crisp for skateboarding?
  14. tats

    To bring it back

    I love the first one! I love the timing. Any reason the lighter fluid and wood are still in the frame? Also is the horizon even/tilted? The curse of the all black skater clothes. I think the framing is great with both, but what I really like about the second one is the skew. IMO It's kinda hard to see the board and feels like the there is a little "lost". I'm sure there were a ton of constraints in this shot, just kinda wish there was a bit more detail.
  15. tats


    Yooo This is wild! First one seems like it's spiraling, makes for a cool visual. I'm glad you had some people in the shot for perspective (that really makes it for me) Second one is really bright and love the colors you pulled out. HDR? I would say don't be scared to leave some more shadows, maybe even take a look at it in B&W. It's a great snap, and I think its really well put together. Third one is so wild. I did a image search and saw some similar snaps from that perspective, But i really think you captured the whole image best. I would love to see if you had another image maybe tilted up a bit more to get those lines to the edges. I could see this working with less of the for ground rock infront and the lines pushed to the corner some how.