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  1. Robert K.

    Working the line.

    I really like the difference in hue from the pinkish arm and the blue-greenish surroundings in the first one. Feel like basically every other element could have been more on point though.
  2. Robert K.

    Bridge of the Gods

    I'm assuming this lens isn't of the tilt-shift variety?
  3. My favorite song is Daewon Song
  4. Robert K.

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    I'm using one, besides costing a relatively large amount of money it works fine. It doesn't seem to function any different from a normal firewire connection. That being said, I'm using mine on a 2013 iMac with a thunderbolt 2 connection. A new macbook is only going to have thunderbolt 3, which will require an additional thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter, don't know how that influences things as apparently there is some kind of signal conversion going on.
  5. Robert K.

    Back Smith

    The tilt doesn't bother me that much, I think you made the right choice there. I do think you should have gotten lower though. The main focus right now is the top of the slide, which forces your gaze 'upward' towards the sky and you have to counteract this and bring your gaze down to look at the skater. Getting lower could have solved that problem, as well as gotten rid of the building in the background. It's not a huge loss, but it would have made the entire frame more legible. However I do realise that getting lower would have brought the graffiti on the left into play, sooooo that would be a problem there as well. And it bothers me that the bottom right of the slide is ever so slightly overexposed.
  6. Robert K.

    Anomaly Issue 1

  7. Robert K.

    Anomaly Issue 1

  8. Robert K.

    The Flat Earth Video

    I must admit I didn't see the video, but I have a strong feeling Ty's kids are going to resent his decisions a whole lot by the time they are choosing a university to go to.
  9. Robert K.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Contact the company who delivered it there and explain that they delivered it to the wrong place. If you can see that they delivered it to the wrong adress, then so can they. If they are unwilling to cooporate or the person who received it already opened the package and is unwilling to return it, simply contact the authorities. Opening another person's mail is already against the law and keeping something that isn't adressed to you is theft.
  10. Your 60d has a video out port and a stereo video cable should came with it if you bought it new. Then just follow these steps:http://support-th.canon-asia.com/contents/TH/EN/8200835500.html but instead of the tv, you use a mini-dv camera with a video-in port. Not all cameras do, so check for that feature if you need to buy one. Then do whatever the camera requires to record a video input on a tape and capture that tape through whatever program you use otherwise. But yeah, like the guy above me, I don't really see the point and it's probably quicker/easier to do in post. If you want to get 'dat vx feel', you won't, because that actually is mostly defined by the sensors and processing that sd cameras use. Most likely you'll just end up with a low-res interlaced version of your footage that otherwise looks exactly the same.
  11. Robert K.

    you're undead to me

    Maybe if you put some effort in you'd actually get some feedback... Does anybody remember who I told to get a 40mm lens of sorts for two years or so?
  12. Robert K.

    Last month(s)

    There's a whole bunch of options to show things and there's more to life than frames. Dibond, magazine tears, presentation tables, few photos, many photos, together or far apart. Try to get an idea of what you want by working with physical stuff and looking at other photographers exhibitions. Usually their galleries have some kind of archive of exhibition views on their website. Sugimoto Wall Tillmans Templeton Demand And a coffee shop would be a good place, but make sure you have a strong personal connection to a non-art space if you propose something like this. Like if you know the owner or hang out there every day and know all the staff by name or something. I can tell you from experience that if that isn't the case the best you'll get is a bunch of pictures on a wall that are poorly lit or underexposed in another way, with neither of you happy. You need to take at least a little control about the artistic direction, including the way they are hung and you can only do that if they are willing to give you that freedom.
  13. Robert K.

    Last month(s)

    Definitely work in physical media. Make some prints, a magazine, whatever you want. There is a completely different way of thinking that ink brings, which you can't fully appreciate without actually trying it out. Getting some prints would be a good starting point. And yeah try to exhibit somewhere local. Small non-profit venues usually are somewhat chill about people going up to them in person and talking about stuff. If that feels like too big of a step then try some other places you've got a good personal relationship with, I've done a few projects with the local skatepark over the years. And if even that is impossible, clear a wall in wherever you are living, put some stuff up, invite some people and drink a few beers.