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  1. Robert K.

    Backside Lipslide

    I think the technical issues you're having are normal with the way the ettl system works. That's why most people use radio transmitters and generic flashes. Pocket Wizard was a popular choice back in the day, but I don't actually know if they're still the preferred option.
  2. Robert K.

    Happy 15th Birthday

    Such a beautiful empire of dirt this is.
  3. Where are all the cars? And what language are they singing in? Sounds retarded.
  4. Robert K.

    Random Photo Discussion

    and a happy new year?
  5. Robert K.

    welcome back skateperception

    No comply up the stairs, obviously.
  6. In that case since p-stone had a public persona as an extremely heavy drinker, I'd assume that the judge would probably give him the 8-10 year sentence instead of the 4 that cory kennedy's got reduced to. The only lenience I can see a judge give him is because of his kids.
  7. Robert K.

    Working the line.

    I really like the difference in hue from the pinkish arm and the blue-greenish surroundings in the first one. Feel like basically every other element could have been more on point though.
  8. Robert K.

    Bridge of the Gods

    I'm assuming this lens isn't of the tilt-shift variety?
  9. My favorite song is Daewon Song
  10. Robert K.

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    I'm using one, besides costing a relatively large amount of money it works fine. It doesn't seem to function any different from a normal firewire connection. That being said, I'm using mine on a 2013 iMac with a thunderbolt 2 connection. A new macbook is only going to have thunderbolt 3, which will require an additional thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter, don't know how that influences things as apparently there is some kind of signal conversion going on.
  11. Robert K.

    Back Smith

    The tilt doesn't bother me that much, I think you made the right choice there. I do think you should have gotten lower though. The main focus right now is the top of the slide, which forces your gaze 'upward' towards the sky and you have to counteract this and bring your gaze down to look at the skater. Getting lower could have solved that problem, as well as gotten rid of the building in the background. It's not a huge loss, but it would have made the entire frame more legible. However I do realise that getting lower would have brought the graffiti on the left into play, sooooo that would be a problem there as well. And it bothers me that the bottom right of the slide is ever so slightly overexposed.
  12. Robert K.

    Anomaly Issue 1

  13. Robert K.

    Anomaly Issue 1