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  1. yoozork

    Mod My Car

    slam it, make it flush with good wheel fitment, put a roof rack on it. done.
  2. yoozork

    Fs: Elinchrom Skyports

    Throw some offers!
  3. the rear was still on the jack because i didnt roll the rear fenders yet. if they were rolled, the rear would be tucking tire almost like the front.
  4. yoozork

    Fs: Elinchrom Skyports

    C'mon, i need to get rid of these! i need the money really bad
  5. I have a set of Elinchrom Skyports, comes with 2 receivers, 1 trigger, original box/paperwork, the carrying case, charger for reciever, and also outlet adapter for those people with european outlets. I got this for around 300, they are used but never dropped and clean! im looking to get 250$ OBO + shipping. Oh and i also have the sync cords for it but i spliced it to fit nikon sb's. Selling it because I have a heavy ticket i have to pay for. Here is the only photo I have when i first got them. Ill take more pics if requested
  6. very true! and god damn steve, you and your ITR's i couldnt even find one ITR for sale when i was looking for a teg. in Arizona and Cali too!
  7. yea i do, but im gonna get some more suspension stuff, wheels, exhaust, and then finally paint. hopefully by january it will be 'done'.
  8. i rolled my front fenders today. definitely reduced the rubbing but not all of it
  9. Bullshit, i got a ticket today for not using my turn signal on the freeway. Court date is on the 21st of October. What do i do? Never got a ticket before.
  10. Go with a teggy! I LOVE mine with a passion, its like my baby haha.
  11. as much as i love the jdm front look, i wouldnt do it on mine. its just too over hyped and i would much rather have a really flush teg like the phaze 2/hasback. but who knows, i will probably just change my mind later on haha