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  1. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Whoop! Thanks man. I have a print of Mike's sitting under my bed, didn't realize till scrolling through some of his work.
  2. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Who was the photographer that did a project on the bison round up that the park service does every year? Probably 4 years old by now. I think the guy use to post here.
  3. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Spent an entire day in LA eating edibles shooting street, only decent street stuff I've ever shot. It also leads to a ton of "why the fuck did I shoot this" moments.
  4. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Forgot how much of a photo babe Chloe Dewe Mathews is.. p.s. Does anybody know the photographer who shot a picture of a kid laying back in the grass with his arms behind his head and leg crossed. There's a school bus in the background. Shoots all B&w I think he had a series of a summer camp also.
  5. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    So stoked, the Sam Abell book I bought a couple of weeks ago has his autograph on the inside cover from 88'. Bought a digi P&S and plan on getting some 35 soon, getting ready for summer
  6. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    I'd rather buy beer then develop the last 34 rolls I shot, Im 23 so wut mom.
  7. itsryan


    I pretty much love majority of the stuff you shoot outside of the city, you've got a really good eye to capture those little moments. It inspires me to get outdoors and I think allot of people pull that feeling from your images. You tend to bounce back and forth from the city and the outdoors. I would really like to see you blend the both of these environments, and get deeper into finding a relation. Just a suggestion but I've found if you put some thought into creating a series is when work really starts to develop. Some of the stuff you find in the city is awesome, and makes for an interesting photo but I think it stops at that. Not saying you don't have your bangers but the others are pretty standard. Super stoked because I know that feeling of just wandering and coming across these things. I don't do it as much anymore but your feed reminds me of those times. Your composition is dialed in, and your attention to light is great. I really wish there was something going on in the second other then the building. Interesting building, classic SF colors, and nice light. The third is my favorite. It has awesome depth to it and I love following that trail with my eyes through the photo. It's hard to explain but there's a mix of exhaustion and accomplishment that happens when you reach the end of a trail. The two girls laying back play on that idea. Again you really have an eye for it and I wish you'd just get lost in the mountains for year and come back with a bunch of amazing work. Can't wait to see the adventures you'll have in the summer.
  8. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    I love Amazon, just bought a C.M. Russell/Sam Abell's WEST for 71 cents. Who on here has had a ricoh grd? Never really new about them till a few pages ago, looking for some opinions on them. Found one for fairly cheap, so far I think it'd be a good pocket camera for this summer.
  9. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Are you still shooting allot Darwin? Spent some time on your cargo and the first set is so awesome, wish there was more.. The quote on the "about me" has so much truth to it.
  10. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Doods I'm pretty stoked, I got hired with the national park service for this fire season. Gonna be working in the Mojave national preserve and traveling a whole lot. A huge motivator to begin a new project and to get back into shooting. A huge bonus is that I get into national parks for free
  11. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    It's not liquor. Spend the extra few dollars and buy yourself some good beer Ivan, my chick doesn't even drink that fruity shit. Still have 2 pro packs of 120 portra, someone wanna trade some 35mm for it?
  12. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Loved my konica, regret selling it. XA rules everything around me.. p.s. buy a iphone you can sext and play flappy bird... no t2 can do that shit!! camera > camera
  13. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    Has anybody seen a really awesome series shot with a p&s that would normally be shot MF or LF? I want to get more into depth of my hwy 395 project I shot a few years ago, but have always held off because of wanting to shoot it 6x7. Kind of interested in how my work will turn out if I shot it 35, even considering shooting it digital if I ever get my hands on one.
  14. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    I'm healthy as fuck I walked 500 miles and I would walk 500 more shooting shit
  15. itsryan

    Random Photo Discussion

    I haven't even sent my secret santa yet, too busy working and trying to get my own family gifts... Sorry for the wait ******* but it'll be worth it I promise!