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  1. fuck it check out my music http://loudxpack.com http://loudxpack.com 10 lease special for only 100$ ! limited time only!
  2. loudxpack@gmail.com i can get more pics on request heres my craigslist add.. i figured i'd post it here too http://cleveland.craigslist.org/pho/2418908511.html thanks
  3. alextoth

    Loudxpack Soundclick Css

    basically if someone can help code this for me, and make the contact buttons rollover and link compatible. I will pay you. Hit me up email is fastest: loudxpack@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  4. so basically I tried doing all the coding but the background image doesnt seem to be showing up? it works for me on firefox, but not for others (my one friend on mozilla, another on safari, and my one friend with IE) www.soundclick.com/loudxpack can someone help me out? and if it does work for you c&c thanks.
  5. alextoth

    Lil Wayne

    that sucks u kept those songs, those are the worst except DOA he murks DOA ice cream paint job swag surfin wasted run this town watch my shoe the beats are meh tho
  6. alextoth

    When Shooting Raw

    thanks brody i figured it out
  7. alextoth

    When Shooting Raw

    when shooting raw it only gives me a document size of around 9 x 14 but the same pixel size as when i shoot on jpg (3504 x 2336 or something like that) and this is becuase raw captures more light information and captures at 240 dpi. now to achieve a good looking hdr image i shoot in raw and not jpg, so when i go to print an image will it print at the 9 x 14? this doesnt make sense why would i shoot in raw when it gives me restraints on the size i can print? but i have to shoot in raw to get the proper look when tone mapping. thanks in advance
  8. alextoth


    so im looking to get a decent tripod but i'm not trying to spend that much. i was looking at these legs: legs can anyone recommend anything? and what do you guys prefer as far as a pan and tilt head vs. a ball head? thanks in advance
  9. alextoth

    Beat Making

    myspace.com/beatsbybabyt im sellin all my equipment so if anyone needs monitors or an interface hit me up! i had fruity loops, axiom 49, m-audio bx8as, firewire 410, akg perception 220, shit ton of auralex foam
  10. alextoth

    Fs: Canon 30d + 18-55mm

    sorry not interested, im just trying to get cash so i can upgrade
  11. I'm selling my canon 30d and the stock 18-55 lens. I can get tagged pictures on request. I'm the only owner of this camera and it is cosmetically perfect besides the hot shoe wear. This body has been babied and is in excellent condition. Included is: Canon 30d body efs 18-55 lens neckstrap og box manual battery 2 chargers the eye piece is missing I'm not sure how many actuations there are Pm me or email me @ paintballmx8941@aol.com Im taking offers right now!
  12. alextoth

    Portfolio Finished

    http://www.alextothphotography.com/ as you can see some pictures look like they were resized bigger and became pixelated. I didn't make the site, my dude made it for me do u think there is a way so the site shows the images as the original size instead of making them bigger? and critique none the less
  13. alextoth


    Whenever I say a sentence or whatever Ill tap my feet one after another simultaneously with the syllables in the sentence, and must always end on the right foot Whenever im in the passenger seat of a car i line up this part of the car: with passing telephone poles, signs or trees and wink my right eye when they meet