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  1. TY!

    Free Stuff

    [quote name='mikeish' post='2126725' date='Jan 14 2008, 09:17 PM']haha my grandma gave me an ae-1 for free too.[/quote] wtf, me too!
  2. TY!

    How Many Tapes Did You Use This Year?

    [quote name='Fulton' post='2090613' date='Dec 25 2007, 02:25 AM']homie of mine is sponsored by 411vm & they hook him up with free tapes[/quote] ahahah, damnnn that is sooo ssik.
  3. TY!

    How Do You Organize Your Tapes?

    well i # the tapes and put the dates that i filmed on the tapes on the little sticker on the tape, then i have this little notebook that has a page with the tape # and then the dates, then under the dates i list what tricks went down, random footage, and whatever else!
  4. [quote name='DFILMER1' post='2118025' date='Jan 9 2008, 07:24 PM']four duos.[/quote]
  5. TY!

    How Tight Is Shecksss

    im surprised someone hasnt assassinated him yet...
  6. TY!

    editing bible...

    sooo good, this is most def gonna help some people out, I know that I got a bit from it.
  7. TY!

    Static Iii

    [quote name='bigtim' post='2087482' date='Dec 23 2007, 05:47 PM']yea he is, i got a pic of soy panday[/quote] ssik its cool that he's doing that, im placing my order after xmas. hyyyped.
  8. TY!

    Static Iii

    kinda off topic, but is josh stewart reeaally sending a photo of the static 3 crew in india with a hand written note that says how much he appreciates the support, w/ the dvd or something like that?
  9. TY!

    Longlense Handrail

    [quote name='evan' post='2081494' date='Dec 20 2007, 12:31 AM']i think tim was directing his comment towards WWF, but TY took it to be towards him.. although he did spell it the same which made it confusing[/quote] haha, I love sp
  10. TY!

    Harddrive Camcorders

    Posted Yesterday, 12:51 AM yeah don't listen to that garbage. hard drive cameras are for birthday parties, theme parks, and little league games. and your reeaalllyyy gonna want to have a hard copy of the irreplaceable footage that your gonna film...
  11. TY!

    Longlense Handrail

    um ok, thanks.
  12. TY!

    Longlense Handrail

    spell what? i kinda typed that out fast and there were distractions around me.... ex: my dad loudly talking about crotch rockets to my brother 3 ft behind me....geez.
  13. TY!

    Longlense Handrail

    if you wanna see a very good example of a longlense handrail shot, check out the first angle of silas's trick down the tranquility rail in houston, (in inhabitants obviously) where joe is in the tree, silas's second song or whatevs........soo epic, I think the trick was a 270 lipslide or something, im probably wrong though.
  14. TY!

    Fully Flared

    i was thinking of setting up my cam on a tripod and filming my me and my friends watching ff for the first time, like geoff and mark in chichagof kinda thing, but then i remembered sony prems are only 60 mins.....haha.
  15. [quote name='emerica filmer' post='1569055' date='Mar 8 2007, 08:14 AM']Appleyard's nollie big heel[/quote] YESSSSS!!!