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  1. Once it warms up a bit I’ll post some more pictures
  2. I'm an electrician in Chicago, I still skate, got married a couple years ago, no kids, I go to sleep early everyday and live in a small apartment until I can buy a house.
  3. Anyone from this threat still post on here
  4. Joe23

    N E T J I O T ∞

    FL is not irl.
  5. Joe23

    N E T J I O T ∞

    FL lets meet up n skate Ft Myers tomorrow
  6. Joe23

    Vocaroo Chat Log

  7. Joe23

    Random Photo Discussion

    Yeah, got married in April
  8. Joe23

    Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone wanna meet up n skate in nyc this weekend? Or just get drunk with me n my wife? I'll bring my stylus epic n pretend I kno things.
  9. Joe23

    Tinder, Hinge, Etc

    Swipe everyone, talk to no one. All the moments too. N make sure to show all of your friends the cute girls yu matched with but never messaged.
  10. You're not even a die hard though
  11. I haven't drove my car in almost a year, I have been drinking a bunch n skating nd riding my bike a lot. I dropped out of college after 4 years last year nd now work a shitty job that I actually like.
  12. Joe23


    When I walk all I do is realize how much further I have to go. I would rather ride my bike everywhere.