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  1. moustache

    **mint** Vx1000

    Ship to Canada?
  2. moustache

    Wtb Rode Videomic

  3. moustache

    Wtb Rode Videomic

    Yes I'll pay the extra $ for shipping to Canada.
  4. moustache

    Sale Thread

    How much for the bag if you'll ship to Canada?
  5. So how many hrs. are on it?
  6. moustache

    My Designs/logo's

    The CC one reminds me too much of Crooks & Castles
  7. moustache

    Big Ass Sale Thread Pt.3

    Ship to Canada or nah?
  8. A good friend of mine is looking to buy the lens, but doesn't really use SP that often so asked if I could handle it for him. I fully vouch for his legitimacy and you can get into contact with him through myself. Any questions or anything just let me know and I'll talk to him. Thanks.
  9. moustache

    Boobs Or Ass

    You should somehow incorporate this design onto a tee also, I know I'd be down to buy a tee.
  10. moustache

    T-shirt Designs

    Reminds me of some hardcore band's tee to be honest. The positioning of it all looks kind of awkward too.. I think its mostly because of the slant of the "A", and how much you stretched the font out.
  11. I can't take Gucci seriously at all, so many of his lyrics are just stupid and straight up bad. At least he's got a cool "So Icey Boy" tattoo on his chest..
  12. moustache

    Old Money Designs

    I know, but the second tee the first word I notice is "MOLD" bro.
  13. moustache

    Old Money Designs

  14. moustache

    A Day In The Life

    Theotis? Haha reminded me so much of him.