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  1. Thorvildsen

    The Offical 2008 What Did You Get For Christmas

    2 shirts, boxers and socks from www.thomaspink.com more boxers and socks A new pair of gloves A nee scarf lot's of dough for my trip to the US and a new 70-200 2.8 new pj's. pretty stoked
  2. Thorvildsen


    My holga was terrible. I focused it with my car
  3. Thorvildsen

    Post Your Favorite Films.

    Color: Velvia 50 pushed to 100 BW: Ilford delta 100
  4. Thorvildsen

    Buying Photo Equipment In Other Countries?

    Check with your insurance company in sweden. They should cover your insurance. My travel insurance company here in Norway will cover up to 10 000 000 Norwegian Kroners(aprox. 1.5 million USD) in Medical Insurance. Pretty dope. And getting into the country, call up the nearest US embassy in Sweden, they'll hook you up with a visa. I'm going to the US this winter aswell, LA, Colorado, Utah, Mammoth and SF. But I'm an American citizen, so I'm hooked up. haha peace BTW. It wasn't only the war on terror that fucked up the economy. Most of It was banks who lent out way too much money, over a long period of time to people who couldn't pay back their loans...
  5. Thorvildsen

    Hassy Full Frame Digi Back?

    I was at a Hasselblad seminar last year and i talked to one of the dudes who are in the R&D department, and he told me that a 6x6cm sensor would not happen. Maybe in 10-15 years... It's just way too expensive to produce, aka it would cost shitloads for us.
  6. Thorvildsen

    Its Like Photography Christmas

    If you buy a small flash for your camera to shoot weddings and stuff, then for god's sake buy a SB-800 instead of a 430ex or whatever
  7. Thorvildsen

    I Spy...

  8. Thorvildsen

    Flashgun Umbrella Attachment Thingy..

    B&H ships worldwide. I bought some stash and had i shipped to norway and got it under 48 hours later. B&H is sick!
  9. Thorvildsen

    I Spy...

  10. Thorvildsen

    I Spy...

    Something outside from a window
  11. Thorvildsen

    Hip Transfer

    Thanks buddy! Yup I want to shoot some more skating. need to find some skaters to shoot. haha. This was taken in a city 8 hours from where i live. Hopefully ill shoot some more soon
  12. Thorvildsen

    Hip Transfer

    So here goes! First real skate shot. I usually shoot mtb and bmx so all crits are appreciated Pretty stoked on it, but too bad my rim light didnt fire Hassy, 80mm Provia 100. 1 SB to my left and one rim that didnt fire
  13. Thorvildsen

    Pocket Wizard Won't Sync

    You're trying to fire 3 555s with 1 PDub?
  14. Thorvildsen

    Walmart For 120/220 Slides And Negatives

    I pay $11.50 per roll of 120 film. Doesn't matter if it's BW, E6 or C-41. This is the cheapest option here in Norway, and it's a pro lab. If I had the chance to get my film developed at $2 per roll, i would sell my digi and only shoot film