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  1. zooted

    Rip Eric Joneckis

    Too young, such a shame. RIP
  2. Still dont understand what the lesson learned was..
  3. How was IIOI? They killed it in south florida. Evan is the man. Touche Amore Mar 8th
  4. zooted

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    I have a 60D and want an external mic, any suggestions that wont break the bank?
  5. I saw Title Fight, Balance & Composure, Cruel Hand, and Slingshot Dakota last week. It was rad.
  6. You probably spend more time trying to get out of doing work than actually just doing the work.
  7. zooted

    Tattoo Thread 2.0

    A good friend of mine, his name is Joey Pacheco he tattoos at Circus and Pirate tattoo on South Beach, Miami. That took about two hours, first tattoo, my leg just had enough haha. Its been hard to link up with our schedules to finish it. Getting it finished up this Tuesday.
  8. zooted

    New Nba Playoffs Thred

    Realllllllly pulling for the Jazz to win tonight.
  9. zooted

    Tattoo Thread 2.0

    Still need to finish her up. This was about 6 months ago the day I got it done.
  10. zooted

    Paying For Music.

    Vinyls They more than always come with a digital download card.
  11. zooted

    Almost Dying..

    I was the passenger in a rollover. Wasnt wearing my seat belt, truck flipped twice. Opened the door and walked out like nothing happened. Luckiest I have ever been in my life.
  12. Full time firefighter/paramedic Skating and playing music on my days off.