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  1. you are thinking of the grand cherokee, that is a 99-04 the previous generation was 93-98 the regular cherokee like mine came in two generations 84-96 and 97-01
  2. are you looking at my gfs comanche (the pickup) or my xj (the green one)? her jeep is an 89. i find it strange you because most people i tell the green one is a 2000 dont believe me and think its newer and alot of people dont believe me when i tell them they stopped making them in 2001
  3. sorry to take a break from all the europe cars, heres some pics of my 2000 jeep xj cherokee 3" rough country lift with full packs and 31" firestone destination a/t. you can also see my girlfriends perfectly restored 1989 mj comanche pickup. heres some pics from my job as well (i work at a jeep shop).
  4. yea im vx1kxj on jeepforum and i lurk naxja alot but i dont have an account yet. i love my swampers to i got all 5 for $200 from my friend when he upgraded to 35's i need to get new rear leaves. i got new rear leaves when i did my lift ( no blocks of AAL) but they are rough country and suck. im gonna get the OLD MAN EMU heavy duty rear spring soon lol
  5. skatefilmer11490

    Best Bang For Buck Off Camera Flash

    hey guys, sorry if im in the wrong place but i dont do much with photo stuff. im looking to get my girl friend an off camera flash for her birthday. she has a D90 and i just need your opinons on a decent one. dont even know if i called it the right thing but it is the flash connected to the camera with a cord...sorry i just do video i feel like a retard....ask me to take apart my vx1k and put it back together blindfolded i could do it with one hand tied behind my back lol
  6. skatefilmer11490

    Hateperception Roulette

    its a good thing im a pussy because my b day is 1/14/90
  7. skatefilmer11490


    when you havnt done it in a long time yea lol
  8. skatefilmer11490


    you know whats a good feeling? having a years worth of footage to catpure onto my macbook and i just got fcp and ordered a cap cam
  9. skatefilmer11490


    so im doing a fear factor at my college in a few hours and we have to eat gross shit. what is the best way to dull my sense of smell? i can get past the taste its the smell that will get me...some one suggested vicks vapor rub? idk, ne way its a $500 cash prize
  10. skatefilmer11490

    The Epic Everything Thread

    i was watching some program on fuel about skateboarding in duhbi i would love to live there
  11. skatefilmer11490


    thats it thank you very much :goldenwub:
  12. skatefilmer11490


    does anyone know that name of that really nerdy youtube kid that posts wierd ass reviews and shit and complains alot. he has a really nasaly voice and its mad funny people post his videos on here to make fun of him alot and the name escapes me at the moment...i feel like laughing
  13. skatefilmer11490

    Holy Fucking Christ On A Bicycle

    holy shit you werent kidding lmao here it is
  14. skatefilmer11490

    Holy Fucking Christ On A Bicycle

    holy shit you werent kidding lmao here it is