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  1. I have a generic brand speed booster that I used before I bought a metabones a few years back. $100.00 perfect condition. I only used it for fisheye, it opens the lens to the widest aperture +1 stop extra... I do not believe it is adjustable but when you're filming fisheye it does not really effect anything anyways. I used this adapter for a couple tricks in Trevors skate mental part that was released through Thrasher Check the link and you can see the quality of the adapter. Generic Speed Booster on a 8-15L adapted to a Panasonic gh3 Switch Frontside Flip (1:05) Nollie Heel Noseslide (2:17) 100$ and you pay for shipping or if youre in the area, you can meet up with me in Chino, California. I dont have a box and im not sure if i have lens caps for it.. ive always left my metabones caps on it since it was in use and this has been sitting around. **GLASS IS 10/10 CONDITION** NO SCRATCHES OR BLEMISHES** FUNCTIONS PERFECTLY** Email me. Martinezphotosb@yahoo.com
  2. Martinezphoto

    Nikon Nikkor Af-s 50mm F1.4g

  3. Nikon AF-S 50mm F/1.4G I am selling this lens, $300 cash or $300 + shipping takes it. brand new it retails on B&H for around the $440 mark. Smooth manual focus, quick auto focus no dings or dents, glass is 100% with no haze or fungus. I've used this lens to shoot many ads but I am hoping to slim down my gear and just keep my essentials. If you want to meet up in Chino, California you're more then welcome. interested in the lens? email me. I dont check this site often.
  4. I've been using this lens on my Nikon D4 and D700 cameras. No auto focus Positive "clicks" when using the aperture ring Made in Japan (Screams QUALITY) the glass is 100% perfect with no imperfections. I keep a UV filter on it to protect the lens. I've also used the lens a couple times for video purposes while filming Trevor Colden and Cody Cepeda's push projects $300 + shipping OR if you want to meet up in Chino, California we can. I do not check this site regularly so feel free to email me. Martinezphotosb@yahoo.com
  5. Martinezphoto

    Backside Boneless

    The timing is either a tad bit late or a tad bit early. I had a hard time figuring this trick out a while back, Try catching him as hes hopping in to or our of the boneless rather than while hes on the deck. The sunset looks super rad, good job on exposing that part! as for the composition maybe get in there vertical and go tight or pan to your right some.. try to keep him out of the dead center if you can.. look for something that will help make the shot a little more than what it is i.e. plants in the foreground (kind of how you did with that puddle in your alternate angle). Look through your camera menu and see if you can activate a grid and do your best (most of the time (but there are exceptions)) to keep him at the cross points of the grid. -FM
  6. Martinezphoto

    Warmup Front Baord

    this is rad!
  7. Martinezphoto

    Its Been Years-

    I havent used this site in years, figured i'd come on and post when I have time. hope all is well brothers. Colden: Kalis: -FM
  8. Martinezphoto

    Best Hd Setup $1500?¿

    Sorry, didnt take the time to read the entire thread, if its already been said ignore me.. but based off your initial post - if youre on a budget but want a great fisheye setup go on craigslist and buy used 60D and save up for a 8-15L fisheye, unless youre going to need 4k for some reason.. I personally prefer a gh3 (im too cheap to buy a gh4)/metabones booster/canon 8-15 but the lens and booster can get a little expensive but well worth it. you dont really "need" a zooming lens.. i just got done with a project using only and all of my shots were done with primes... actually i prefer it that way now that ive done it and got use to having to think a little different thats just my 2cents -FM *edit* if anyone wants to buy my extra canon ef to micro 4/3 speed booster (generic but works great) send me a message
  9. Martinezphoto

    Jake Johnson: Bs Flip

    That harsh rim works on this photo for sure, camp pants against the green foliage would have been a nightmare with out it. Rad Photo!
  10. Martinezphoto

    Bs Crook X Chasing Birds

    The second photo could be super sick, I like the idea of a black and white feel with a little burning and dodging to make him pop out a bit more and dull down the busy background.
  11. Martinezphoto

    Fs Nose Up A Rail

  12. basically brand new..used for a week if not less. sell or trade for nikon stuff, pocketwizard plus II, micro 4/3 stuff, softboxes, used think tank roller bag.. let me know
  13. Martinezphoto

    For Sale: Sony Vx2100 With Mk1

    My friend is selling his VX2100 so he asked me to put it up for him. Camera is in perfect working condition. If interested email him at SBRIDIN4LIFE20@gmail.com. Here are some links of the camera: Here are links to photos: http://i91.photobuck...zpsf7361238.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zps189f87e2.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zpsf55606ac.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zps2774b994.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zpsf5d9a08e.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zps2fc4d709.jpg
  14. Martinezphoto

    Backgrind Long 9

    Just like blackmilk had said, I think if he had started grinding a bit and was able to stand up it would have really added to the picture.. also Weston is right clonestamp that flash out of the frame. the lighting looks solid!
  15. Bought it for 700 off craigslist and have not been shooting with it much, ill sell the setup for $500 + shipping... or we can meet up, im in the Los Angeles area. works perfectly. email me Martinezphotosb@yahoo.com Frankie Martinez.