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  1. Tymo.

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  2. Tymo.

    Travelogue España

    It's a visual travelogue of my recent trip to spain, consisting of 35mm and 6x6 black and white photo's mixed with illustrations. Please take a look at the full journal on http://no-foreign-land.tumblr.com/espana Extra shot I'd like to share that's not included in the journal:
  3. Tymo.

    Ed Templeton

    watercolors on a print
  4. Tymo.

    Random Photo Discussion

    I am selling my hasselfish. Anyone in here interested?
  5. Tymo.

    Fakie Fs Flip

    Thanks man, that actually looks really good!
  6. Tymo.

    Fakie Fs Flip

    Crazy spot on the highway, had to go at night because of the traffic. And I might have to invest in some light stands again..
  7. Tymo.

    It's All About The Tumblrs Baby.

  8. Tymo.


    first one is stunning!
  9. Tymo.


    A couple of friends and I went on a little roadtrip to Møn a couple of weeks ago. It's the only part of Denmark where you'll find actual cliffs from limestone, up to 400 ft above sea level. We set up our camp in the woods and walked a 2000+ steps down to the shore each day. Really basic trips into nature are great. I shot some rolls trough my Yashica GX, so here's what I came back with: Full set here.
  10. Tymo.

    Fs Blunt

    2000fc with 80mm on portra 160 6x4,5. Fucking nasty negatives..
  11. Tymo.

    Fs Blunt,

    Fuck me, sorry, please delete this.
  12. Tymo.

    Bs Feebs, Shipyard

    (bs feebs, 270 out) I consider a comeback on SP.
  13. Tymo.


    First one is really nice. I don't get it how the tires of the car aren't burnt. The rear wheel is like new..
  14. Tymo.