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  1. babyVX

    Blue Blue Blue

    could be straightened a bit, looks like youre tilting the camera to the right. but good timing and lighting. ps san rafael is not right outside of sacto ha
  2. been a while. wont let me embed.. if someone wants to post a link that would be nice. thaaaanks http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2827/9425085881_910629fc2d_o.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7371/9427873602_92e65ff5ab_o.jpg
  3. all my pants are old and fucked, i just have a bunch of old krews which i wore in perfectly but now the fits seem to be all super skinny or pipes. i cant seem to find a good fitting pair of pants that arent skin tight but also arent baggy/like pipes. im looking for something in between and havent bought pants in so long i dont know what to look for. hopefully something cheap. i guess you could say the fit im looking for is something like what raymond monilar wears. thats the closest thing i can think of haha, so my question is... what kind of new pants that are out now have you guys been rocking that are comfortable and somewhat fit my description? stretch is a plus
  4. http://www.shoebacca.com/finder/brand/gravis/gender/Men/store/outlet/health/all/view/all/static/store,health#static/store,health/store/outlet/gender/men/health/all/brand/gravis/sort/featured/page_size/100/page/1/view/all all gravis's 25$. just picked up 4 pairs
  5. hahahah thats so funny. i bought the loafers and was like eh ill return them.. i couldnt afford the $60 at the time. then a funeral came up and i had nothing to wear but them. so now i rock em all the time lol
  6. so confused about zoo york and zered.. theres an ad running on the thrasher site with him in it and chaz ortiz has an interview up on the site now talking about how ron deily and the "whole team" has a vid coming out soon.. i thought they all got cut but chaz and brandon?
  7. babyVX

    Trick Tip

    suski dat shit
  8. i got the red x-grip. its cool. what sold me was 30$ and no shipping on BH
  9. babyVX

    Angled View Finder

    i meant in da street
  10. if youre still in davis, they are in front of the main library. if you cant find that, theyre like almost literally under the big white ball that says uc davis you can see from the freeway
  11. ive been screen printing my own, but i dont wana fuck up and i want some consistency now so i think im gonna use http://threadbird.com/ my friend goes through them and theyre legit, not too expensive either
  12. am i the only one who skates better when im hungover? i know dollin n fred gall have talked about it, its kind of unexplainable. being too hungover is definitely a no-go, but theres like sometimes i wake up feeling shitty, and go to the park and land almost everything i try, tricks i cant normally do. insight anyone?