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  1. Fs: Gh2 / Extras

    800 - thats for gh2, 9 hours of battery life, charger
  2. Fs: Gh2 / Extras

    it's been a while since I've posted on here but I am selling a panasonic GH2 with some extra batteries and accessories such as cavision rod support and baseplate 10" iris rods 24" iris rods stock cables and batteries 2 x 4 hour batteries email me at peter@skibovision.com I have sold backpacks and a dvc30 on this site before, back in 2009.
  3. 4 sony premiums unwrapped 10 bucks shipped. email me at peteosinski@gmail.com if you want them because I check that a lot more often. I will send you tagged pics through e-mail if you want them, im not going through the trouble of posting them on here, sorry. its a good deal, pay with paypal peace
  4. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    bump to support independent films..... www.jengastyle.com to buy your copy for 15 plus shipping
  5. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

  6. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    bump, anyone interested yet?
  7. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    bump, leaving for the weekend, hopefully some people help me out with this bad boy
  8. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    actually it was east of maui in annapolis that sponsors the video
  9. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    bump, anyone?
  10. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    bump, thanks for the support
  11. Joyride - East Coast Surfing Dvd

    www.jengastyle.com help out a fellow sp'er and support I worked on this film for about 2 years, drove about 15,000 miles, and just totally worked my ass off don't get on my case because its surfing, there are plenty of people who surf or like surfing on this website and this is for them and anyone else who wants to show some east coast or sp love DVD'S ARE 15 BUCKS EACH WITH FLAT RATE OF 6 BUCKS SHIPPING ANYWHERE FOR UP TO 6 DVD'S BUY YOURS TODAY
  12. Jengastyle

    how do i make it so that the container for the whole site is centered when the window is open full screen? Is it something i change in the styles.css document? Also, how do i get rid of that border around the image? please help
  13. Jengastyle

    alright thanks, I am going to have a full website later, this is all I got done so far and it is the section I was devoting to the movie I just made. I am pretty new to websites so I didn't realize the resize thing was such a bad thing. I just wanted people to see the site the way I intended them too, and it is actually supposed to be kind of like an interactive flyer. I don't know how to get rid of the border around the image, trust me I tried, and I also couldnt center the image in the page. I used dreamweaver to make this site. If you guys have ideas on how to help me out with those problems please let me know I know I need to change the page titles, sorry, I threw this together in about 3 hours, and I am so new at dreamweaver (teaching myself) I had to do most of the site by straight up looking up html code and putting that in directly instead of using the wysiwyg aspect of dreamweaver to build
  14. Jengastyle

  15. Joyride Promo