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  1. santskatefly

    Nike Sb Now Exporting To 60p

    Why doesn't anyone get that skateboarding looks shit at 60p? Yes it's great that you're now shooting on FS700/RED/Whatever you can afford, but please for fucks sake keep your shit at 25/30p!! When Chronicles 3 comes out, I'll be converting that shit to 30p and watching it properly, that's for sure.
  2. santskatefly

    Winter Missions

    Thanks mate. HPX171/Xtreme
  3. santskatefly

    Winter Missions

    It's summer. Here's a winter edit I've just released.
  4. santskatefly

    720 60p Videos On Yt - Awesome Or Not?

    Glad I'm not alone. Thanks!
  5. santskatefly

    720 60p Videos On Yt - Awesome Or Not?

    Hi all, Not sure how well received this will be here, but I've been thinking about it lately... What do you guys think about skateboarding videos published as 50/60p? I personally dislike the format and I think it takes away from what we're used to, which for me in the UK is 25p. 50p just looks too smooth, which sounds crazy as surely skateboarding is better watched on the highest FPS possible to get more detail in, but I definitely prefer watching something that's been exported as 25p/30p rather than 50/60p. Also, it defeats the whole point of being able to shoot double speed and slow stuff down, so it doesn't even make sense from a technical point of view. Not to mention if someone gives you 25/30p footage to stick in the video it's going to look choppy in comparison. I'd love to see if anyone agrees with me, or even if no one at all agrees! is a good example (I think Tim shot this one?).
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panasonic-AG-HPX171E-Camcorder-/121599440328? I have absolutely loved this camera over three years of owning it. Reliable, ergonomically very easy to use, professional, 50mbps 4:2:2 1080p HD In addition to the Camera, which has 869 hours on the clock, I am also throwing in: 1 x Panasonic 64GB P2 card 2 x Panasonic 32GB P2 card 1 x SWIT double battery charger with mains adapter to run the camera straight from the mains 2 x Panasonic high capacity battery (they last for hours and hours) 1 x Camera bag that fits the camera very nicely and protects it in transit 1 x The HPX Book by Barry Green - this is the ultimate professional user guide to the HPX 170/171/250, which retails at £55 and is increasingly difficult to get hold of. The camera has a few cosmetic marks to it, from general use, but other than that it has been very well looked after, never been wet or damp, and works perfectly as it should. The lens, LCD screen and viewfinder are all perfect without scratches. The camera fits the Century Xtreme fisheye, one of the widest lenses available, a dream to film action sports/skateboarding with. Please see examples of recent videos shot with this camera: Any questions please just ask. Feel free to call me on 07516601218. Local pick-up would be preferred, or I can deliver personally within 50 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Can courier to UK/internationally, but at buyer's expense. If the listed price is too much, make me an offer and I will happily consider it. Thank you Santiago
  7. santskatefly

    Proper Fisheye For The Panasonic Agac 160a

    Yeah DSLRs are not the best, especially if you're using them for a job that you NEED to film. I've got a GoPro4 black, I've never used it as a normal camera, only to get POV or otherwise impossible angles. It's obviously not ideal but you'd probably get away with it, using the custom presets. Make sure you limit your ISO and set an adequate white balance. I personally always film in 4K even if the project is going to be 1080 or 720. It allows you to grade the footage more, as you have more information in the file. Plus when you scale down to 720 it will look less like GoPro footage as the quality will be outstanding. I've personally got tired of the Xtreme being so expensive and rare, it's a pain in the arse every time it gets hit. Not to mention it will probably cause me back problems later in life! I'm selling my setup and with some insurance money that I'm getting from my last Xtreme damage I'm getting an FS700. Then I can buy a reasonably priced fisheye (even if I buy the Canon which is an awesome lens it's only £600 instead of £3000). I believe the FS700 deliver a better image than the HPX could ever deliver anyway and it works with SD cards so no expensive media either. Try the GoPro and see how you get on. If not, just get another Opteka for the time being, as you already have the camera. Half the time in the skateboarding community no one will notice or give a shit what fisheye you're using anyway, the most important thing is how you film, not what you're filming with. While we're on the topic... I shot this last weekend with my scratched Xtreme and HPX 171:
  8. santskatefly

    Is The Xtreme Discontinued?

    Kinda crazy that no one here is shooting with FS700
  9. santskatefly

    Sd Meets Hd

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL0RFqwKnNs&feature=youtu.be Russell's killing it, again. Red Epic 4:3 with mk1 style vig in post?
  10. santskatefly

    Selling: Hpx 171e With Extras

    Selling my HPX 171E with: 2 x high capacity batteries with a dual charger 1 x 64GB P2 2 x 32GB P2 Rails for the Xtreme Camera bag It has 864 hours on the clock but perfect working condition and only minor scratches (none of which are on the screen) Make me an offer. santiagopilgrim@hotmail.com UK only unless you're paying for the ridiculous postage.
  11. santskatefly

    Is The Xtreme Discontinued?

    If I do upgrade it'll be a FS700RH, servo zoom, good frame rate options, well suited for skateboarding and the option to go 200fps 2K raw or 25fps 4K raw. I don't think 4K is essential right now, but having a camera that can shoot 4K with an Odyssey 7q for example, I would say is a wise investment for the future. I would also then go for an A7S as a second camera for various reasons...low light, ability to match FS700 picture profile etc. Can you get servo zoom for GH4? Just one one of the reasons I'd rather get a video camera to shoot video. Cheers guys
  12. santskatefly

    Is The Xtreme Discontinued?

    Cool, thanks for your replies. I'm letting the insurance deal with it, probably won't be buying another one anyway. *goes off in a daydream of what he could upgrade to*
  13. santskatefly

    Proper Fisheye For The Panasonic Agac 160a

    If you spent a lot on your camera and can't afford a fisheye, get a DSLR or something where you can afford a good looking fisheye, no point having an expensive camera without the glass to justify it. Unless of course, you plan to eventually have enough money for an Xtreme. Don't mean to sound negative. Hope that helps.
  14. santskatefly

    Anyone Shooting W/ Fs700?

    Would be interesting to see footage (other than footage shot by pros filming pros, which always looks dope whatever you're filming on!)
  15. santskatefly

    Is The Xtreme Discontinued?

    Hi all, Just been on the phone to my camera repair centre regarding my scratched Xtreme. After nearly two months they've been incredibly slow at sorting this out for me. And they're saying that the lens isn't available anymore. I find that hard to believe as you can still get Century MK1s and they are for much older cameras than the HPX Xtreme. It might just be a case that they are not available in the UK, but I just wanted to put the question out on here to see if anyone knows anything. TNP broadcast show them as in stock but according to the repair centre they just show on the website but are not actually in stock. B&H also show them in stock, but I don't know if that's the case there too! If anyone has bought one (from new) recently, or knows any info that'd be great. Considering taking the money from the insurance and getting an FS700... Cheers, Santiago