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  1. twinskate

    Wtb Raymod For Vx1000

    After browsing some PM's I failed to mention I ended up going with one of those opteka lenses, received in the mail today, bought last week. Thanks for the offers guys. TBH I'd forgot about this topic, mods feel free to close or delete this.
  2. twinskate

    Wtb Raymod For Vx1000

    That's even better ! haha. So, who's got one???
  3. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    SOLD locally. Thanks for the interest guys!
  4. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    Whooa k, development 1200 cash - local. This most likely will take it
  5. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    550 pending on mk1
  6. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    Alright, as far as offer standings go top bids so far: Camera - 800 (local) Lens - 550 (cancelled) Package (highest solid offer ATM) - 1000 - nickoshie Recent inquiry for whole package - 1200 I'm thinking if I could get the lens sold within the 450-500 range and the camera sold within a 750-900 range, an offer on the whole package for 1200 solid sounds about right (mainly because that would cleanly save me 4 months of car payments while going to school...) Highest offers take it friday, shipped next week. Thanks for the interest guys.
  7. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    I wasn't really wanting to split but I got a good offer on the mk1 so, I'll take offers for the lens and camera separately, batteries and chargers are staying with the camera (if you want a battery buy the camera haha), and I really don't know what the large eye cup is worth ha never thought about it.
  8. twinskate

    Vx1000 Strobing?

    alrighty, how much did a new main board run you?
  9. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    ^ replied to pm
  10. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    Well, I guess if someone wants me to split it depends on the offer ha I'm hoping more for cash but if you could pm some footy I'll peep it, if selling doesn't happen then you officially have first trade offer ha
  11. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    To both posts above me ^, if I'm gonna sell this thing I would want to keep everything together in the package just so the prospectful buyer gets their money's worth
  12. twinskate

    Feeler - Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    VX1000 front angle (not sagging, camera is leaning to left in chair) Lens pic with flash on (lens clarity) Lens pic with flash off Let me know and I may just sell it off. PM for footy.
  13. SOLD SOLD SOLD, both lens and camera locally. Thanks for the interest guys! *** now taking offers on camera (with accessories) and mk1 separately, can be sold as a package if the price is right but will split for reasonable offers! Whoever comes with the cash first gets it, need backup cash for school in october now (letter came in the mail )*** Hey guys, I have a VX1000/MK1 up here for a feeler, thinking about selling it cause I don't use it very often any more. If I shoot a video it falls through or I'm too busy working FT to answer every beck and call, I've been thinking about parting with my baby Camera: Cosmetically, the camera is in great condition, I've never heard anything else besides "pretty minty" for comments on it's appearance. No major dings scuffs or scratches, just the usual look of a well kept 14 year old camera. I've had the camera for about 4 years, and have run approximately a dozen tapes on it since I had the heads cleaned professionally, I've put a new ribbon cable in to the viewfinder, and had a strobing issue with the shutter fixed. Recently the strobing issue has come back (flickers intermittently whenever it feels like it) and frankly I don't use the camera enough anymore to worry about paying to have that fixed again. I have an inquiry up in the repair and malfunction board as to why it may be doing this. There is a scuff on the lcd display on the back that came with the camera when I bought it, it is located on the shutterspeed portion of the screen (see pics). All of the port covers/flaps are attached and the OG stickers are still looking fresh. The camera lens is clear and free of any damage. There is no mic sag (keep 2 bag spacers packed underneath mic when in the lowepro). Recently shooting a music video the tab on the standby/lock switch was broken off but still functions perfectly, even has enough room left on it to move with a finger or thumb comfortably. The vtr is no longer working, though all the buttons still light up, the pad over the buttons is lightly worn. The handstrap looks and feels minty as hell. Accessories: I have 2 chargers and 5 batteries for this camera (1 npf-730h and 4 npf-730's, they are old batteries but they last about an hour each), as well as both sized eyecups (large and small). The lenshood and lens cap are still kickin' it. Don't forget the MK1 either. Lens is in good condition but came with two nicks when I got it (never noticed them on film before, see pics), it was in better shape before my brother decided to use my cam without permission.. (his little adventure, possible adventures, left the lens a minorly pocked in the center, there are absolutley no blemishes, the lens only took 1 hit in 2 years and it was on the casing of the lens, see the pics for lens) Camera would be packaged in the OG box with the manual (may not be considered accessories but the og box is hard to come by, and some people would kill for a manual), there's also an autographed lowepro mini included in the deal. In short, when I last tried to sell it this setup it was MINT AS **** and had offers of up to $1500 on it, but now I'd like to see what you guys would pay for it (I haven't been checking up on how much these things have been going for lately) Everything. Lens Top View Lens Face Side View Tried to spot 2 OG nicks in lens Accessories VX1000 top view VX1000 left side VX1000 right side OG scuff on display Broken standby switch